Thursday, April 23, 2009

MB Amends Party Platform; Final Text Rejects Copts and Women Nomination for Presidency

By Tareq Salah, Mounir Habib
Al-Masry Al-Youm learnt that the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) has amended the platform of its party. The final text would be announced in a month.Saad Al-Husseini, member of the MB Guidance Bureau and the parliamentary bloc, told the daily that the platform will be made public within a few months, without specifying a particular date. With regard to the points that caused controversy, especially with regard to the nomination of the Copts and women for the presidency, he said: “This is completely decided upon, and MB has not changed its point of view rejecting their nomination for the presidency.”�Al-Husseini added that an amendment has been introduced to the initial formation of the senior scholars authority and the nature of its work. It would include senior scholars of Al-Azhar, university professors and specialists.�“The authority will be responsible for electing Al-Azhar Grand Sheikh. Its opinion would be advisory with regard to religious and worldly matters. The Supreme Constitutional Court will have the right to consult the authority.”�The platform has a chapter called “Our Vision in changing the Constitution”. It proposes an alternative to the current “loose” constitution that should be immediately changed because it has many contradictions making it difficult to achieve justice and a dignified life for the Egyptians, he said.�Ammar Ali Hassan, specialized in the affairs of the Islamic movements, said MB did not announce its platform throughout the last period because it has concerns that it may cause a split among its members, especially after the first text was bitterly criticized.
MB benefits from the status quo because it is not a party or a company or a non-governmental organization that could be controlled or brought to account in accordance with the law.


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