Monday, June 22, 2009

Prostitutes 5, Egypt 0

Mzilikazi Wa Afrika
21 June 2009

Mzansi hookers teach Egypt players how to score - And now the losers are crying foul
Horny Egypt players brought five prostitutes to their hotel rooms on the night their team competed in the Confederations Cup – and later claimed US2,400 (R19,377) had been stolen from their rooms.
Yesterday a spokesperson at the Norwood police station, where the case has been reported, said they had evidence that some of the Egyptian players brought hookers to their hotel to celebrate their historic win against world champions Italy on Thursday night.
A police officer says: “We have confirmed that some of the players brought prostitutes, whom they picked up on Oxford Road [in Rosebank], to their hotel rooms and we have strong suspicions that they were cleaned out by those ladies of the night.”
The police’s claim was confirmed by members of Thaba Strategic Service – the security company guarding the Protea Hotel Wanderers.
One of the guards yesterday said: “These players brought abomagosha here and when they were robbed they pointed their dirty fingers at the hotel staff – that’s nonsense.
“The workers are black so they are being labelled as thieves.”
The guard says all the staffers at the hotel were rounded up by the police on Friday and interrogated but came out clean “because they were not involved”.
National police spokesman Director Sally de Beer yesterday said only five Egyptian players were “burgled”.
She says: “It must be noted that this was not a robbery but a burglary and only five players were involved.”
De Beer says nobody was arrested and the staffers at the hotel who were working that night were questioned and “all statements taken”. De Beer says that she knew nothing about the prostitutes.
The hotel yesterday sent a statement to Sunday World stating that they have the best security.
The statement reads: “Protea Hotels has strict security measures in place where electronic access control of the rooms and safes are monitored.
“We assure all guests that personal security is of utmost importance to us and we implement strict security measures to safeguard our guests and their personal possessions.”
The statement adds: “The police have interviewed the guests reportedly affected by the theft as well as the staff at the hotel and we are awaiting the results of this investigation.”
The Egyptian team’s spokeswoman, Inas Mazhar, could not be reached for comment as both her cellphones were switched off the whole day yesterday.


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