Sunday, October 11, 2009

Excuse me Muslim brother ... You need the Cross

Written by Rasha Noor
Egypt For Christ Ministry
10 October 2009
This title may be shocking to you but it is the truth and if you deny it here on earth you will absolutely face it in eternity, but unfortunately it will be too late..Before talking about the subject let me clarify in a concise manner.
Not a Christian worships or adores the wooden cross...but Christians are proud of the cross, that is the symbol of executing justice against criminals, it is a symbol for shame in its civil meaning and for a curse in its religious meaning.
Christ was crucified on a cross, a place of shame for atonement and in the place of each human being.
Any human being who denies his need for the cross, his pride hinders him from acknowledging that he is corrupt and he does not have a solution to his problem.
The human being keeps trying to prove his worthiness by trying to get God’s approval through his piety, fasting and prayers... his good deeds and efforts and his giving towards God and other...
All these are great efforts that man does in all religions in attempt to achieve peace of conscience that is heavily burdened with sin (this is also the case of Christians, unfortunately) and to appease his conscience that is screaming: guilty, criminal and not deserving of any approval from God...
Religion is the most deceiving thing to the human being, who is trying to appease his suffering conscience, because it has an anaesthetic effect only and it does not offer a real cure, as it drives him away from the way of the truth. The solution to the conscience problem is not in the human beings hands nor in any good works that religions recommend...
The solution comes through divine grace that accepted the full payment and the obedient Substitute for each sinner of our human race.
Yes, dear Muslim, you need the cross...because without the cross you are perishing in your sins and God will not accept anything from you nor will your good deeds atone for your sins. There is no other way nor any other means that God has provided to give by grace forgiveness to human beings, except for the atonement of Christ and by faith in his complete work on the cross...
God is merciful...yes, and he wants to forgive all our sins... yes but not on the account of his justice... in order that he fulfills his complete righteous judgement, that we all deserve, which is the death penalty, Christ laid himself to pay the price and to take the penalty on himself for us.
Through believing in him we receive forgiveness, salvation and eternal life. All of us are like Adam uncovered and naked before God with our disgraceful deeds and selfish thoughts and our manners that cannot align themselves with God’s nature.
The state of Adam after his fall and his attempts to cover his nakedness are similar to that of all religious people through the ages and we are part of them. God has the solution to cover the nakedness of our forefathers through coats of skins that he clothed them with, (as a symbol for the sacrifice). Salvation was in the hands of God and not of man.
What you have damaged, you cannot repair by your own self. So, leave everything in the hands of God, believe in him and in the complete wonderful work of his atonement for your sins that is full of his unlimited love. Let him give you forgiveness and a share with him.Dear Muslim...
Through believing in Christ and accepting his redemption for you on the cross, you receive God’s acceptance, his complete forgiveness, peace of conscience and assurance of eternal life.
Also, God will inhabit your heart and transform your hell into a haven.He said: “But as many as received him (accepted Christ as Saviour) he gave to them authority to become the children of God those who believe in his name”.If you were refined in manners, you would teach your children to sacrifice for each other, and you would be modeling to them by sacrificing your comfort and joy for them to be comfortable and joyful.
God has presented us with the greatest sacrificial example and he has given us the greatest sacrifice we all need...This is the great sacrifice that each person is in need of.
So, open up your mind, heart and soul for the salvation of Christ. Only the blood of Christ shed on the cross can grant you eternal life...
A last word:Beliefs must not come through inheritance nor by birth but through conviction of the mind and heart. So, it was not written for anyone to become a Muslim against his own will, just because he was born as a Muslim or because there is an evil punishment such as (had el reddah) killing the backslidden, truth is worthy of being followed...
Finally, and from our website egypt4christ we congratulate every Muslim brother on the feast of the great sacrifice, wishing him blessing and good health

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