Saturday, December 19, 2009

Rev. Majed EL Shafie former moslem from Egypt?

Rev. Majed El Shafie
Founder: OneFreeWorld International


Tel: 416 436 6528 416 436 6528

Born in Cairo , Egypt into a prominent Moslem family of Lawyers and Following in the footsteps of his father and uncles, he too chose to become a lawyer.

Through the witness of his best friend, Tamir, he experienced the love of Christ and made the decision to give his life and service to the LORD.

He began the mission to bring the Christian community all the same legal rights as the Moslem community in Egypt . He began a ministry which in just 2 years grew to 24,000 Christians. The Egyptian Government did not tolerate this and Majed wound up in the torture section of the Abu Zaabel prison in Cairo .

During this time in prison, Majed underwent severe torture for 7 days in the underground prison, everything from shaving his head and putting his head and hot and cold water, hanging upside down, being burned with cigarettes and the miracle of the attack dogs silenced to being crucified on the last 2 and a half days with a mixture of salt and lemon to anoint his wounds. All this is because of his new faith in our LORD.

He eventually escaped and on a whirlwind journey fled to Israel where he was jailed for over a year because they weren't sure what to do in this circumstance. Legally he could not stay in Israel but if they sent him back to Egypt he would be executed.

Through the intervention of Amnesty International & the United Nations Majed was released from prison and became a free man in Jerusalem , Israel .

Since, he has relocated to Toronto , ON where he has actively started his own ministry and is now the President of One Free World International.

One Free World International is a human rights organization designed to Bring Glory and Honor to our LORD by defending the persecuted Christians World Wide, to serve the community of Believers and make a difference in their lives. By the Glory of God, One Free World International currently has 2 established branches, Toronto & Washington DC, and a third branch beginning in Florida the end of June 2004. One Free World International will be having its first conference 4-6 November 2004 hosted at Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship.

One Free World International is also developing relationships with Christians in various Moslem Countries.

It has also been successful in building bridges with members in the Canadian Parliament and the American Congress to help educate the community about the impact of the Islamic world and persecution of fellow Brother's & Sister's.

Along with that he also has a Christian Arabic Radio Program, River of Love reaching the Middle East and North Africa . In the past four months 731 Moslems have committed their lives to the LORD. He has started a second Arabic radio program called Encourage Iraq to help encourage the Iraqi people in this time of unrest and to introduce them to the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ.

Majed has visited and spoken in over 200 churches and congregations in the past year both in Canada and the United States . He has also been interviewed by several magazines, television and Radio both Christian and secular.

Majed's Passion is to help the persecuted Christian around the world and be their voice when their voice is not heard.

The story of Majed is not only a story of violence and persecution but rather a story of Glory and Victory. It's a story about fighting the darkness by the light of Christ.

Its proof that you can hurt the body but no one can hurt your spirit.

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