Sunday, January 24, 2010


The growing trend of gauging our responses to international incidents, against political correctness standards, and subjecting them to these standards as the ideal and appropriate course to formulate our foreign policy when dealing with others, irrespective of their posture towards us is certainly a gross and foolish mistake. We argue that, planning for security should not be skewed by non-rational considerations but must be subjected to rigorous critical evaluation of the facts. Any other approach is bound to doom our actions to failure and dooms our security to be violated and impugned. Our national security consideration must take precedence over any other consideration and we should no be apologetic about that.

Of course we should not opt to offend counter entities unduly, but also we should not rush to accommodate the whims and the pretensions of others at the expense of our security. They must understand that our national security is sacred to us and is non-negotiable. It is not subject to tactful accommodations. One question stands in my mind; why are they, all that reluctant to accommodate our security? And what obligation do we owe them to endanger ourselves in order to accommodate their devious desires? Any entity that patronizes terrorism as a religious activity or duty, even though it does not participate in the activity, SHOULD NOT BE CONSIDERED OUR FRIEND OR ALLY. Our energy future should be secured through bio-diesel, nuclear energy, fuel cell or natural and coke oven gases. In our frigid weather, automotive engines are better off running on propane than on Gasoline.

Moslems have a tradition of chiseling at their targets one chisel at a time until they totally destroy them and subjugate them over time. We must be fully aware of this fact and avoid falling for this ploy. Many of their practices are intended to provide instant visible identification as a segregation technique and to assert their separation from the host society. Sometimes they are intended to assert their superiority over the society they live in by isolating themselves from it and distinguishing themselves from the society. We must vehemently repel any effort to diminish our security or our prestige for that matter even if it came from some one we imagine him as a friend or an ally. We must not subjugate ourselves to our “allies” We must maintain our pride and dignity. Diversity is a beautiful thing in a society but it should not be endorsed to destroy the character of our innate culture, or to mutate our nature. I happen to be a foreign born American, yet I feel strongly about preserving the nature of the society I admired and opted to adopt. Immigrants should be willing to adapt to the local culture, not force us to adopt the culture they opted to desert and come to live in our society. We must always bear in mind that Moslem societies have an addiction to delusion, delirium and denial. There are no true facts in life other than what they believe in. They are characterized by the total suppression of reason and rational. They reject any use of brain and endorse the total suppression of intelligence. The core values of Islam are; treachery, treason and terrorism. What happened in Fort Hood (Major Nidal Hasan) and with the CIA in Afghanistan (Humam Khalil Abul Mulal Al-Balawi) are two salient evidences to this fact. Please notice that both perpetrators were highly educated, both were doctors who presumably swore to honor the Hippocratic oath. Yet they committed both crimes willfully in a deliberate and premeditated way. How and why did this happen? The teachings of Islam instills acrimony and rancor in the hearts of its followers and poisons their minds in a manner that makes them act as possessed morons. They live in a hypnotized state of hate. Playing the game of political correctness does not cure this state of deep seated hatred it only endorses it and encourages it. We have seen this game played by more than one entity, all claiming to be the true followers of Islam. We must bring ourselves to face this fact rather than turn our faces away from it.

There is something in the course of inter-relations called reciprocity. The dictionary defines reciprocity as the mutual exchanges of trades and diplomacies. We must insist on reciprocity in our dealing with others. We should condition our accommodations to others on counter and equal reciprocity. Thus we can keep a healthy balance of relations. If they decline to exercise it, then they are not our friends or allies and we should treat them as thus. I would expect from a friend, to return the gesture of goodwill, not to demand preferential privileges with no reciprocity.

When a country calls on us to help them with their domestic problems, they must be willing to put in their share of responsibility. They should not expect us to baby sit them. We should not undertake the whole burden of action. They should contribute to the venture, local security and intelligence. These are all valuable contributions they can bring in to secure the success of our operations. We should not suffer being tossed in the turbulence of their chaos.

Democracy is a beautiful thing to be adopted and exercised. However on many occasions we see democracy feigned but not practiced. We should insist on the true practice of democracy not just a veneer, a mask or a phony look alike. Yet we have to be meticulous about this matter because democracy is often co-opted by extremists to serve their own purposes. We have seen examples of this in Algiers and in Iraq. Majorities are often made up of ignorant masses that follow a virulent extremist without any thinking or any input on their part. We have to distinguish between true honest democracy and the opportunistic extremism masquerading as majority to manipulate the government of the land to implement their plans and policies. Majority rule have to be thoroughly examined and we must insist on a safe haven for minorities to protect their interest in an overwhelming majority and turbulent regime. Minorities must have the right to veto resolutions by the majority intended to impugn their rights or freedoms. It would be appropriate to have the United Nations insert this concept in the Universal declaration of Human Rights,

G. R. Scharoubim.

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