Sunday, May 23, 2010

The latest developments in the issue of proselytizing in Alexandria in northern Egypt

The latest developments in the issue of proselytizing in Alexandria in northern Egypt
That in fully twelve o'clock and a half after midnight, the start on Sunday, 05/22/2010 Time of Alexandria in northern Egypt ... After the prosecution investigation for more than eight hours have been converted to Christianity accused of proselytizing to the building of the State Security LAID again to their work files and then will be transferred to the Department of Ameriya to display the first officer and detective from the department released the first Ameriya
It should be noted that in the very fourth yesterday afternoon of Friday, 21/05/2010 Maj. Mahmoud Mahdi and some of his detectives undercover of the Police Service of State Security Investigation Branch western Amiriya Alexandria in northern Egypt, the arrest of Reverend Majid, Bushra responsible for service Alivtqadat care church Evangelical Battarien and his wife, sister, let them Ayyad, a group of servants and maids and two from the land of the commandment Almmsyahyat kilobytes 21-22 Ajmi line after Hanoville area during their lack of some Christians who are in the region have been arrested on each of:
1 - Fr human Faltas Maged Abdul Quddus (35 years), a resident in the same place, who was arrested when
2 - His wife is sister to allow Ayad Salama (32 years) and have a daughter (9 years) and son (5 years)
3 - Brother Samir Majali Samuel (46 year) works contractor, businessman and lives in the same area
4 - Brother Inspirational dream, and a gift (56 year), and the Speaker of the accounting department of social security area of Amiriya and live in the same area has had open-heart surgery since have passed out more than once during their detention in State Security
5 - Sister Margaret Subhi Menkerios (47 year) employee and patient Balcansr (cancer) and under treatment Balkimucirbe
6 - Mary PhD (67 years) has been arrested while passing in front of a police car in spite of a lack of knowledge and his pastor, simply because she was wearing a cross on her chest
7- Sister Hanna intellectual survival (65 year) is the guest of Minya with relatives in the same area and were going to the church the time of her arrest she was sick infarction, coronary artery and feet swollen
Where to live all of this area and they compile each other to go to church together, have been transferred to the building of the Police Service of State Security Investigation Branch Ameriya in Alexandria, after being insulted countless by the rule of the leading Mahmoud Mahdi edited record of the conditions of No. 4830 Council 2010 forth administrative department Amiriya first as of today, as the sovereignty of the work exhibits the record straight in an annex to the Gospels and nine books on the miracles of the Lord Jesus Christ did not allow the leading masters of lawyers access to them or even see the actions or the charges against them
Strangely, that Mr. Col. J. morphological Director, Office of the Police Service of the security of States LAID had claimed during his address to a senior official of the Evangelical Church that one of the priests, a holy father (k) and priest of the Church Mary Coptic Orthodox Agami Obotalat is the one who gave him filed against those arrested because of fear for the people of the transformation of the Evangelical Church When he felt the presence of the officer not to credibility lies that relate the request of Major gallant Mahmoud Mahdi for bringing three Muslim neighbors arrested and take the pledge for them to attend to the prosecution to testify on the accused that they were give them glad tidings in the Lord Jesus Christ was brought into the record Kmgni them and those Muslim brothers are:
1 - Haj Mohamed Mostafa Mohamed Abd El Aal (the owner of a supermarket next to the area Aloasip Rev. Majed human) has seen the men good-neighborliness and the oath that he will not say except the truth
2 - Mr. Mohamed Adel Abdel-Kader Marina (Officer Ministry of Awqaf in Alexandria, who is also in the same region) and insisted that does not say except the truth
3 - Mr. Ali Abdul Jalil on (factor) and lives in the same area
And ask in our confusion about what will return to these officers at the disclosure of the spirit of hatred and discord between the communities relate to each other and revenue Segnoh Gentlemen, state security officers from driving a wedge between the citizens and for those who use the method of divide and conquer?
Why at this particular time?
Will bring you any news the first Powell and promise you that we will do the work of a detailed report on the case until we put the truth in front of everyone

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