Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Law enforcement officers or thugs? Naglaa's case.

Link to Al-Tariq TV interview with Nagla'a after the police brutal attack

From United Copts GB source: Nagla'a telephone line and electricity in her flat is cut off, door bell is burnt, people continuously know on her door in threatening manner.

Naglaa El-Imam was a prominent attorney in Cairo, Egypt. When she converted to Christianity, she lost everything, except for her two little kids,: her husband, her family, friends and source of income as she lost her attorney's license and the infamous State Security Administration put her under house arrest and ordered her not to leave her tiny apartment.

Last week, Naglaa appeared via her computer on a California satellite station (Al-Tareeq i.e. the Way). She was taken and severely punished buy the State Security sadistic officers. You can see for yourself the cruelty in the clip below, in which Naglaa and her kids said a prayer and sang a hymn.

That clip appeared on the same satellite station in defiance of the official orders and on the following day Naglaa and her two kids disappeared without a trace and the office of the subject satellite station in Cairo has been broken in and totally destroyed.

Naglaa did not/not violate any laws, civil or criminal, and that makes me wonder: are her tormentors law enforcement officers or a bunch of thugs? Is the regime that employs such gangsters and does not respect the law of the land a legitimate government?

This is a plea to please contact your elected officials wherever you are and demand that the civilized world must protest this barbaric behavior. Naglaa must be released, must be allowed to practice her profession, her passport and other ID documents must be returned to her, and the regime of Mubarak must behave in a more respectable manner.
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  1. No pity whatsoever for this nasty witch. She held TV interviews encouraging the rape and assault of Israeli women. She is getting her own words back at her.

  2. Hope they beat her to a pulp and rape her, and then tell her it's not a crime and should be encouraged. Her conversion is fake to try and get asylum out of Egypt. This woman is pure hate. Watch her encouraging brutality against jews: