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Morris sadek ESq: Elimination of Egypt's Muslims are evil and corrupt

Morris sadek Esq: Elimination of Egypt's Muslims are evil and corrupt
Witnessed on Tuesday, October 26, 2010 and under the dome of the U.S. Congress a human rights conference in which Morris endorsed the President of the National Assembly Coptic America and Dr. Mounir Dawoud, leader of the Coptic American, Dr. Dwight Bashir, director of the religious freedoms of the U.S. Congress and a number of Jurists International.

The secretary of the conference, Chancellor Morris Sadek and Degrees, history and struggle in the field of human rights in Egypt and the United States and his defense of Egypt as a lawyer before the Egyptian Court of Cassation and the Supreme Military Court and the Constitutional Court and Supreme Administrative, and bound him as a consultant legal and membership of the union lawyers, the American DC Bar and writings legal and its role in defending the sanctity of Pope Shenouda.

In his speech after the date started followed by Secretary Morris his announcement that Egypt is not an Islamic constitution and did not mention it does not have an Islamic state and Islamic countries or Islamic scholar, but there are people believed in the ideology of Islamic Fascism

The number of Christians attending churches of all denominations and boring 25 million Coptic Christians, and are not Arabs and there is not an Arab country or an Arab world, but there are countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, Arabic-speaking.

Morris said: that the U.S. government and Congress are pushing to the Egyptian government $ 2 billion annually in order to exclude them from positions of sovereign and functional, political and snatch their daughters and force them to Islamization and Tabiehn as prostitutes in the Gulf countries, according to the report of Christian Solidarity International

He noted that the number of abducted women in the session the last year amounted to half a million girls in Egypt, Coptic Christians killed Muslims while they were praying inside the church, as happened in the Church of Abokerkas and the Muslims kill Christians and they went out of prayer Holiday Christmas as happened in the Nag Hammadi.

Morris said: Muslims in Egypt are not humans or humans after they killed the girl Mason diver and her father in Kosheh burned the body and there is destruction to the property of the Copts, the homes of their neighbors, Muslims, as happened in the Ayat and Farshout not been spared the churches of the burning at the hands of Muslims are bad guys and there is a video cameraman Muslims burned a church Dirout The biggest cheer of God and the governor of Minya and refuses to build a church bell after the demolition of the old and people are praying today in a tent

Morris became abusive when he continued to campaign against Egypt, Islam said: "The judiciary in Egypt did not condemn corrupt Muslim killed a Christian from the base of a heretical Islamic Ayakhm says the blood of Muslim blood of an infidel and raping minors and Marianne, Christine and tried for a rapist despite the irrelevance of the consent of the minor

Were also ruled out the Copts from all trade unions, but held organizations parallel to the trade unions such as the Arab doctors, lawyers, Islamists and all financial sponsor funding and Saudi Wahhabi against the Copts in Egypt, despite the fact that these Islamists Bachlon free bread from the American understanding of shouting against it and stand lawyers Islamists in front of the guild chanting against Christian symbols Alchristie Earerdoa Hnkhaliha and blood in the blood, although the law prohibited under Jailbirds in trade unions find any attorney's union law abiding and even appointed members of the Board of Directors

Morris said: In recent weeks, prompted the government in Egypt, protested outside the mosques Balaslamin against Christianity and religious symbols Kkdasp Pope Shenouda III and Saint Bishoy and left some Islamists on satellite channels are spreading lies about weapons of churches

He said Morris: at the same time, in which the Ministry of the Interior to withdraw special weapons for protection and licensed to the Copts While the share of Egypt and Israel in international relations, diplomatic, economic Interior Ministry issued a decree banning Christians from traveling to Israel Tours and visit the holy places of Christianity and Judaism

Ladies and Gentlemen, if we want to be an influential force Christians and live freely on the U.S. Congress and the U.S. administration to address all the points effectively, even if it had to prevent the fleet of U.S. wheat to travel to Egypt to eat bread and Muslims are killing Christians

Get up, O ye Iaamrica Americans kill the Copts in Egypt, American aid.

This statement was met with applause and influential were the subject of sympathy from all Americans, present and expressed regret for all that

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