Sunday, June 12, 2011


Morris Sadek, Esq. is an attorney registered with the Bar of Cairo, Egypt, D.C. Bar, and the American Bar Association. He has immigrated to the United States 12 years ago. Aware of the continuing persecution of the Copts in Egypt, he has continuously attacked the violations of Human Rights perpetrated by the authority in Egypt. Within his claims against the continuing persecution of the Christians, Mr. Sadek used to attack the regime. On several occasions he has requested the International interference to protect the Christians of Egypt. He further threatened that if such persecution is not stopped, he will claim the division of the country in order that the Copts have their own country and nation, or the International community mush interfere. Also, he has on several occasions, supported the peace treaty with Israel, a statement that was considered capital treason due to the public hostility of the extremist Egyptians against Israel.
As a result, some Islamists extremists have commenced a law suit against Mr. Sadek before the Administrative Court in Cairo accusing him of Capital Treason, and he has never been served with the complaint. On May 22, 2011 the Administrative Court issued its judgment declaring that Morris Sadek, Esq. is guilty of Capital Treason, and his Egyptian nationality must be withdrawn. Also he must be disbarred from the Egyptian Bar Association.
Mr. Sadek has never been served with the complaint, as stated earlier, and he has never been served with the judgment, and it would never be served on him.
Also, Mr. Sadek is entitled, according to the law of the Egyptian Bar Association, to pension. The judgment included that he would be deprived of that pension.
Further, since Mr. Sadek is deemed traitor, he would never be able to visit his country of birth. There is no reason for such deprivation except the aforementioned judgment. Such judgment was issued solely due to his human rights activity, and his religion.
Further, it is clear that the judgment was issued solely because Mr. Sadek is Christian.
Please note further, that Mr. Sadek would never be able to issue a power of attorney to an attorney in Egypt to appeal the judgment. Any attempt to do that, must be at any consulate. At this point the Egyptian passport would be withdrawn. Thus, he cannot appeal the judgment.
Also, the judgment involved that Mr. Sadek is barred from entering his country of birth "Egypt".
In sum, this is the attitude of the country due to Mr. Sadek's use of his freedom of speech.
In addition, this judgment was commenced by an uninterested party who has relied on what is called in Sharia Law (Hesba Lawsuit). In a similar case that was related to a famous activist called NAWAL SADAWI, the appellate court has decided that (Hesba Lawsuit) is not recognized in the Egyptian Civil Procedure, and the lower court's judgment was reversed.
Hence, this judgment must be declared null and void. However, Mr. Sadek has no means to appeal that judgment as explained above.

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