Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What is happening to this world ... WOW!THE EFFECTS OF IMMIGRATION FROM THE 3RD WORLD

What is happening to this world ... WOW!
Please watch, this very disturbing news-item from England carefully and ask whether this scene may be repeating itself in Canada, and USA (and perhaps one day in the US?) Every MP and the Prime Minister has to see this and decide whether this should also be part of the in-famous "freedom of doing and saying anything" program.


those so called moderate Muslims should have opened their mouth to condemn those who spew hate and bigotry in the name of Islam, and hold similar rallies condemning those radical Muslims, and if they do not, then they should be considered part of the problem.

There is no point reasoning with Muslims, they are now a danger to the planet, only solution left is extermination, nuke all Muslim radical countries and totally destroy Mecca and Iran. they have no rights on this planet anymore.

Spain… One more country, in western Europe, at high risk
if you think or disappointed about UK, see this Video about Spain and I can send you more and more, for other European Countries. This like a cancer spreading for the past 100 years now we are seeing all the symptoms are starting to be seen, we did not yet see the worst to come, but this is a fact .

Enjoy this sad Video
Spain… One more country, in western Europe, at high risk

L'Espagne bientôt sous domination musulmane


  1. This kind of post is very unpleasant and alarming!! We should not feed our mind with this kind of violent act that will surely emulate by the younger generation.

    I read an essays about setting a good example for the young ones. Whatever religions you're into, respecting one's belief, race, gender and religion is very IMPORTANT!!!!

  2. Really? You are just one of those educated illiterates who know how to read and write but will believe in anything that is given to them. Next time do a little research and READ QURAN for urself and don't just sit there and say what other haters have been saying from 1435 years now. Use that brain mate...