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Arab-Israeli conflict, is only an old vengeance (tar) between the founder of Islam and Jewish population of Arabia.

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Sat, Apr 7, 2012 at 10:41 AM

Dear Sherif, God Bless your efforts and aid you. This issue is controvential and is a trap, we Copts got sucked into.

Dear Nader, since you asked, Here are my 2 cents on this sticky subjects:

First: with all due-respect to our religious leaders. I can accept advice or recommendation on non-religious/dogma matters, however I am upset to hear that "penalities" will be imposed on those who do not follow those recommendations. This approach sounds more Islamic to me, rather than Christian. Our God did not give power-of-attorney to any one to punish us, even if we comitt sins, let alone for an issue as trivial as this one. This is a sticky issue with lose-lose consequences. I pray that our religous leaders do not get sucked into it.

Second: at this important point in our history, and quest to stop ethnic cleansing against the Copts, we can not get distracted, or get divided because of the Arab-Israeli conflict (better described as Islamic hatred against the Jewish people). After all, Egypt has signed an offical peace agreement with Israel. Till Egypt cancels the agreement, and declares that it was only hodna or taqqeya, then we can open this discussion againNow, let us take few minutes to examine the root of the issue and cause of this controversy:

We all (Egyptians; Muslims and Christians, including our religous leaders) have been victims of falsified-history and brain-washing growing up in Egypt, and influenced by the Arab/Islamic ideology in our school systems and media. We were all fed with hatred toward Jews, Israel and Zionism. We were only taught one-side of the story/argument (period).
I have allways questioned, and wondered why most of the western Christians have the opposit point-of view toward the Palestinans issue than we do. Till few years ago, I was adamently supporting the Palestinan cause at the cost of the Israelis right to exisit and live safe inside their country, till I started examining the opposite point-of view, and after a visit to Israel and West Bank (yes, I did go there. I do not feel I did anything illegal, nor I comitted a sin). As a matter of fact west-bank Palistians (Muslims and Christians) are happy to see as many visitors as possible. Only Hamas, Iran and Fanatic muslims are upset because of these visits.

Simply put, I relized how wrong I was, and how badly I was brain-washed growing up in Egypt.

In my humble opinion, the so called Arab-Israeli conflict, is only an old vengeance (tar) between the founder of Islam and Jewish population of Arabia. The followers of Islam today have inherited this hatred, and blindly belive that they are obliged to protect Allah from his ultimate enemy; the Jews. Having a Palestinian state is not their ultimate goal. They do not even make a secret about their zeal to eliminate the Jews from Israel, and the whole earth.

I can go in more details in future eMails about this subject, if needed. I really do not want to hijack the discussion in a different direction, but please allow me to bring those 4 points quickly to stimulate your thoughts on this issue:
(1) Father Zakria Botros rsearch and program aired on Al HayatTV a couple of years ago on the true location of AL-Quds. (can any one help me to find the link to this program). It was aired shortly before Father Zakaria left Al Hayat TV.
(2) This youtube clip, showing hate-teaching to muslim kids:
"3-Year-old Egyptian Basmallah Education Priorities"
(3) Think about what Golda Meyer said few decades ago:


u visit Jesus' tomb which is under the governance of the Catholic Church, u r allowed to enter the room for 5 sec where the tomb is kept for display , u can pray , touch it.. take a picture... what ever u want but it is an indescribable moment. , however u can't see the inside because the marble casket is covered. However at the back, the Coptic church has a tiny room attached to the tomb, where u can buy gifts, better yet u can stick ur hand in a hole into the ground inside Jesus' tomb. It is the only opening where u can actually put ur hand inside Jesus' tomb. There r some Coptic monks running it 24/7 and some civilian copts participating every Friday night in the precession. The adjacent Coptic small church is collecting dust.. and in a shameful state. If u want to see the African monastery which is part of the church,.. u will be disappointed because it is just huts similar to (eshet ferakh very dusty as well) is actually an eye sore like our neglected tiny church.

The place is under heavy Israeli army presence

However u will not miss seeing an islamic dareeh in the Church's yard, also if u visit next David's tomb!!!!

All churches r in immaculate state, either supervised by Italian or French Catholic.The sol church In Beit Lahem which run by the Palestinians is not in a better shape than the African huts.

Yacoub Apr 7 (3 days ago)

to Sherif, naderf, copts

We used Air Sinai since El All stopped its flights. The flight was over booked!!!..and I was told I cannot fly,.. although we booked our ticket a month earlier. All women were in head cover, the service was miserable we had to pay $200 to an Egyptian manager who had a fit because we had a couple of none alcoholic wine we bought from El Galil which Israeli security helped up to wrap in special plastic and put in our luggage... It is not difficult at all to notice the difference between the young friendly and helpful Israeli security staff.. and the grumpy unfriendly, thief, narrow minded Egyptian.

My advice do not fly from Israel to Cairo unless u use an Israeli airline.

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