Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Coptic Church Security Thwarts Apparent Attack By Veiled Woman

AINA) --
A veiled woman wearing a Hijab entered the Coptic Church of St. Demiana and St. Mercurios in Shubra, Cairo, a couple of weeks ago, carrying two big kitchen knives, a pair of scissors, a heavy solid brass kitchen club for pulping and grinding, a rope and anaesthetic drugs in her bag, just as the children's weekly Religion classes ended."The woman, who sounded quite educated, gave an irrational and flimsy excuse for having all those sharp objects. She told the police that she did not want to leave those objects at home for fear her children might harm themselves," Church Pastor Ibrahim Abdu told 'Theban Legion' advocacy in a video interview. "Does she only have at home two kitchen knives, a pair of scissors and a pulping/grinding kitchen club weight?" he commented sarcastically.
Reverend Ibrahim refrained from confirming the rumor that the woman has made a vow to kill two Christian children, and referred the Theban Legion correspondent Bishoy Mamdouh to ask the prosecutor who is handing the case.
The veiled woman entered the iron gates of the Church carrying a bag just as the children finished their weekly religion classes and had surrounded the pastors asking for favors or financial assistance. "We thought she was needy, so we did not want to stop her," said Nady, one of the Church porters.
"Our Church is open to everyone, and we give all needy people financial assistance regardless of religion, so it is not unusual to see a Muslim woman come to our Church, and that is the reason why the Church porters did not stop her. However this woman was not from our area and we do not know her," said Reverend Ibrahim. The Church which is in the Cairene modest area of Shubra has a predominantly Coptic population.
She entered the Church while being observed by the two porters who followed her inside. "She put some money in the candles box trying to deceive us, but her behavior was so suspicious and strange that we alerted the Church security guards," continued Rizk another Church porter.
"She tried to rush out when she felt that she was being observed, but the Church's security guards intercepted her, searched her and found the paraphernalia, as the policeman later told us," said Rizk.
When the police were summoned six police cars arrived, headed by the chief detective who interviewed the witnesses, issued a report and took her with them.
"The police told us that the case has been transferred to the Prosecution," said Reverend Ibrahim.
By Mary Abdelmassih

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