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Egypt 57 Years later (3)

In my previous two articles, I had emphasized what is one of the main Arab characteristics - the art of lying otherwise known as Taqia. The coup of the so-called free officers was based on that characteristic since the first broadcast made by non other than Anwar Sadat. Remember that broadcast had promised for Egyptians to regain their confidence in having their own country free of corruption. This, in itself was a huge lie. Gamal Abel Nasser who became the second president did careless about the country; he had his own agenda that have in first item the Islamization of the country. The plan started along with the war of 1956 by building terrorists cells, exporting revolutions in the region. Nasser be special care to create certain key people as Arafat, Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi of Libya.
In June 9th, 1967 Nasser had to find another way to turn over the realty of a catastrophic result of the war against Israel . Nasser who ten days earlier had made a speech to the people of Egypt and the world in arrogant way, emphasizing that he could do whatever he want in the region, now had to face those who believed in him, but now are suffering the catastrophic war result. On the afternoon of Friday the 9th of June a telephone conversation took place between him and King Hussein of Jordan . Both were planning what to report about the recent battles. They agreed to join with Syria to broadcast negative views and blame everything that went wrong on the United States stating it was supporting Israel that had caused the greatest casualties to Egyptians and Arabs armies. The telephone conversation was taped by Israeli secret service. The same conversation was made available by Al Jazeera TV and could be found in You Tube.
At this time (June 9, 1967) President Nasser arrived to the main Egyptian TV station to officially announce that Egypt had lost and it was his fault hence he shall resign from all political offices. Yet, now there is an important question, why? Many are asking did he plan to stop the war against Israel or did he stop assisting the guerrillas (terrorists)? OR was he actually going to keep his original word to improve the quality of life for his own people? The millions of dollars lost in just five hours of air strikes from Israel could have made Egypt one of the greatest modern countries.
This joke made by Nasser words would cause the Egyptian population to go into the streets demanding him to stay and to continue his leadership. Did the people of Egypt go out in there own? Or delivered or forced?I personally believe that the majority were delivered by motion and other factors.
Since the end of the war that was to be known as the Six Days War, to the day of his death in 1970, President Nasser tried to rebuild the Egyptian military with the goal to retain Egyptian land.
From the very start of his power, Nasser would be tough on his opponents, often putting them in prison. Muslims brotherhood became Nasser ’s first enemy after their attempt to assassinate him in 1954. Nasser put a lot of those in his special jails along with any opponent.
Anwar El Sadat understood Nasser perfectly as he was capable to keep a good relationship that allowed him to keep various political positions. At the time of the death of Nasser , Sadat was the vice president. He would soon become the Egyptian third President as a member of 1952 coup.
Sadat's relationship with the people of Egypt was not like that of Nasser . In order to gain popularity, Sadat favored Islamic ideologies, he freed Muslim brotherhood and Nasser opponent from jail. Sadat has various goals in his agenda; the first was to destroy Nasser ’s followers. The second was to free Sinai from Israeli possessions. Israel was improving the region -- creating resorts where there wasn't any for many decades. Only one item from Nasser ’s agenda he would not gave up which was the totally Islamization of Egypt.
President Sadat started to use the groups of Muslim brotherhood to crash over socialists and the followers of Nasser (Nassarians). Once again, similar to the brown shirts of Hitler's legions the Muslim Brotherhood would go destroying businesses, homes, farms that were not in the same ideology as a "true muslim." Once again non-Muslims would lose their livelihoods by the hands of the Muslim Egyptians with the government's blessing.
In October 1973, he succeeded to cross the Suez Canal and demanded Israel to return Sinai to Egypt . Over five years later he would be the first Arab leader to visit Israel and be presented at the Knesset enabling him to sign a peace agreement that is somewhat intact to this day.
President Sadat would not have gotten a Nobel Peace Prize had he not signed the treaty. But due to signing it -- he would get the prize and the notoriety. However, the question stands did he really mean peace with Israel or not. This will never be answered.
The free world would start to know that President Sadat would be a man of peace. Over 15 million Egyptians know otherwise. The members of the so called free officers (of the coup) and majority of Arab Muslims would call him the "Believe President".
During his time, more Churches would be vandalized and destroyed. Christian Girls would be kidnapped, raped and then forced to become Muslim or die. The continuing abuse to Copts would go on without limits. Discrimination was rampant against "non-believers."
The Egyptian Constitution was changed. The second item would now state that Sharia (Islamic law) would be the main guideline of law. The Pope of the Copts would be arrested and placed in a Coptic convent located alone in the desert under house arrest -- the convent would become an asylum.
In 1981, while at a celebration, President Sadat was assassinated by what was reported to be the Muslim Brotherhood. What is interesting is that Hosni Mubarek was Sadat's vice president. And like Sadat when Nasser died, Mubarak would then step into the position of being President of Egypt.

Dottore Architetto Ashraf Ramelah

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