Friday, August 28, 2009

80 percent of US mosques have been radicalized by Saudis according to expert on terrorism

Richard Bean
According to Yehudit Barsky, head of the AJC's Division on Middle East and International Terrorism, over 80 percent of mosques in the US have been radicalized by the Wahhabi form of Islam.
According to the article found here, Barsky notes, "The United States has a hard time understanding the extremists' ideology. Americans don't like to interfere in the religion of other people. But, the reality is that this isn't religion, but a politicized radical ideology. It's very dangerous." I suggest you read the entire article to find more information about this subject from Barsky.
I have seen the proliferation of Saudi funded mosques first hand. When I lived overseas in Central Asia, it was well known that Saudi's funded the building of hundreds of mosques just in my local city alone. In a matter of years, the country had seen a handful of mosques turn into thousands. Oil money pours in, along with the extremist ideology that accompanies it. The Wahhabi form of Islam is not moderate; it is an ultra-conservative form of Islam.
It is important to note that not all forms of Islam are radical. We must be careful to limit our criticisms to the particular groups they apply to, and in this case, we must limit our criticism to the Wahhabi sect. It should also be noted that even though Barsky states 80 percent of mosques have been radicalized in America, this doesn't mean that 80 percent of Muslims in America are extremists. Hopefully, the moderate voice within Islam will reclaim the dominance within the Islamic community that it once appeared to have. And most importantly, we must pray that our Muslim friends will accept Christ as their Lord. Only through Jesus can they truly know God and worship Him. This means we need to learn about the beliefs of our Muslim friends, know how to share with them, and be willing to have a discussion with them about the truth of Christianity.
Reach out to your Muslim friends and be willing to share with them the love of Christ, the truth of His message, and the everlasting life that only He gives.
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