Saturday, August 15, 2009

welcome moubark it is true

from Nagla Acouri

............ قابلوا مبارك بالورود
Dear friends in Copt Canada all over the world, In respect to the privacy of my friends that sent me this sad e-mail I will refer to them as X & Z and I will remove their e-mail. But if anyone has something to tell them send it to me and I will forwarded it to them. I have a feeling they live in another Planet God help them and guide them and remind them that after all they are Christians and they should be proud to carry the cross that Jesus died on. May God Bless you allNagla Please read first the end of the e-mail has contents of what I received.
Dear X & Y, You are not serious you and Y listening to the respected Hanny messenger of peace. Do you live in Egypt are you in the same Planet I live on. Do you read papers do you have any idea how many Churches in Egypt all together have been destroyed burned do you have any idea how many priests are in jail's for no reason. Do you have any idea how many girls are kidnapped being assaulted and then they have no choice but to convert to Islam. Do you know how many children were taken from their parents when they converted to Christianity by force so they remain Muslim. All this information just to wake you up. You guy's are not understanding the Position of the Copts in El-Mahgar you are listening to some ignorant people that know nothing about the Effort and the amount of money some of them spend to help the poor Coptic families that you have right in Egypt and probably none of you is help them directly, i could be wrong but what is important how many are doing it. Do you know how many homes and families where shuttered when they showed the whole world there ignorance when they decide to slaughter all the healthy Pigs did you think why was it done...............?????????? I can not believe you are worried about Mubark feeling. Just to make you feel better dear friends in whom I am deeply disappointed those copts are all well Educated people they believe in what they are doing they sacrifice their time and money and you know Mrs. X that time in North America is money it is not like Egypt. What are you thinking they are not going to shout or insult they are going peacefully with signs to express their concern and dressing shirts some with writing to express their concern. If I could walk the distance and tolerate the standing time I will be with them but I am going to Washington any way for a conference between Monday and Thursday. I will probably see them and be proud of them and give them Flowers. You know why all this is happening to the copts in Egypt because you guy's are all taking a passive negative attitude and thinking in a very Strange way, That if you all shut up and make no fuss some how a miracle is going to happen and all the fancy dream is going to come and true and Cinderella will be happy again. We all hear love Mubarak because the other alternative is not good for us we all know. But he has to act give the copts their rights and protect their security they have to be able to lead a normal live. are you Egyptians or Indians is Egypt not your beloved Country like you say why are you not represented in the Parliaments and Maglis El-Shab. Are all the copts retarded they can not be Deans of universities Managers of Institutions and Banks , Ministers, professors in Universities Ext............... I can go on and on of all the privileges you guy's are deprived of. So who runs the country isn't it our President heading his goverment or The Muslim fundamentalist whom he can not stop them from killing copts.At the end of the day all what goes wrong he will be blamed for it through human Rights and all other international institutions. why does he allow is it that hard to be firm and fair. Why are you trying to put your head in the sand. I can see the reason because first of all you do not have freedom of speech, second because unfortunately there is only a minority that really know and care about the rights of copts all the rest are either spectators or commentators for the cause of showing they are loving peaceful citizen's. Well you should thank haven that their are some more caring and brave Copts in El-Mahager that are trying to do your roll. They are willing to do that for no personal benefit for every one of you that is affected somehow in a certain way. Tell me in all honesty is it easy for your kids to get a job can you walk in the street with an open summer dress without being insulted and harassed can you object to anything e.g religion on your ID e.g are by the Million. Dear X & Z these People that are protesting are coming from all over the word, do you think they are not as smart as you guy's do you doubt that they love Egypt less than any one in Egypt. Sad if we are 10 million and even 7 million of them think the way you do, that is a big catastrophe and you are just doing what the Palestinian are doing, stabbing each other and distracting each other, you can see no one cares a lot about the Palestinians problem any more. They definitely got no where and are still going in circles. Same for you dear Copts in Egypt you will get no where and I wish you luck with your Flowers, make sure you water them with pain, blood of copts, discrimination, disrespect unfairness and you can add what ever adjectives you want so they stay alive to remind the recipient of the reason why he received them. So if some and not all of the copts in Egypt are thinking in the same way as their brothers in USA, Canada, Australia, Zurich, Germany, Holland, we are very happy we at least have some good seeds that might grow in the future to be big trees that will shed their wisdom and understanding and believe to all the rest and make great leaders to the poor copts that have been suffering for thousands of years and are still suffering. Do you know that the Nobian community in Washington is going to join the copt, so are the Sudanese and a lot of American that are aware of the problem. The problem with you guy's in Egypt you read the head lines of everything but not the contents and that is the result you want them to reward our beloved President with Flowers that is the best joke I heard in 2009 May be if we can find Black flowers we will. I am so sadden and disappointed I will be sending to you a list of all what is happening in Egypt because it looks like you have no idea,what is really going on and how bad it is. What does that have to do with a good Christian on the opposite a good Christian would care about others and love them provide shelter and help them make sure they at least have the minimum amount of money to put food on the table for his or her family. Sorry Mrs Y to tell you I am disappointed and ashamed in fact that you are asking the copts to follow what this guy called Hanny is suggesting. I really wish the copts in Egypt good luck if this what some of you are trying to do. But hear is a suggestion for you to express your concern and loving feeling you can send him a basket of flower before his departure and wish him a good and happy trip, and ask him to say high to the copts in Washington.. A very disappointed Copt or Christian

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