Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Message from coptic

Hello Mr. Sadek,
. I was in a visit to Egypt couple of years ago and I was appalled by the amount of anti-Semitism in the Egyptian media. I believe the Egyptian government is trying to distract the masses and redirecting their anger towards an external enemy despite the peace treaty. Even most comedians give their movies at the end some anti-Semitism flavor. Remember the movie of "Mohammed Henidy", Saeedi in the American University" when he burnt the Israeli flag at the end. Even Adel Imam "Elsefara fe El Omara" meaning the Isreaeli embassy and the amount of hate he displayed in the movie towards Israel. I heard that there is a new movie titled "cousins" (Awlad El Am) with similar content of hate Anyway, I think we as Christians should expose this bigotry and start by correcting the church's position towards Jews and Israel, starting by the head of the church who exhibits unnecessary political hostility towards Israel.
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