Saturday, April 24, 2010

Message to dr nagla -did you really send that letter to Peraz,

Dear Mr.M. Sadek,

I was so surprised to get this e-mail, did you really send that letter to Peraz, do you really believe what you wrote is anything from reality, I find it very embarrassing coming from a Lawyer and a Copt.

I hope you will try to give some explanation to this strange letter.

Dear Dr, Nagla
Thank you for your response and interest in my communication to president Preze of Israel.
Plese consider the following:
1. The National American Coptic Assembly is a Coptic organization that is fiercely indendent serving only the best interest of the Christian of Egypt. As a mater of strict policy for our organization we do not accept donation from any country, organization or even the coptic people.
2. Members of our organization are indeed free Copts- That means we are free to think and act based on our morales and our political conviction.
3.Our organization makes decisions based on facts not emotions.
4.Our organization also makes decision based on carefull assessment of history and global
current conflicts and its impact on the Copts.
5. I have been elected president of NACS based on my well-known, well-documented , life-long history of defending the rights of the Coptic people INSIDE Egypt since 1981. Please see
6. Outline of our position regarding the Arab-Israeli conflic is published elsewhere.
this "position paper" were developed by foreign policy research group of coptic political scientists who are members of our organization.
7. we supporte the right of the state of Isael to live in peace in the middle east because it is in the best interest of the Coptic people. At the very least they represent a counter balace to Islam amd Moslems who claim intrinsic supremacy over non-moslem religions and non-moslem people (in Arabic el-Islam yalo wala yalo alee).

Finally, I have some questions for you:
1. How many Coptic girls has been kidnaped by Isael or jews?
2. How many coptic churchs has been burned or destryed by Israsel or Jews?
3. How many Coptic killed by Isael or Jews?
4. Are you aware that 3 coptic churches already built in Israel in Jerusalem and other Israeli cities.

Best regards,
Morris Sadek

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