Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Morris and Terry Jones sincere call for moratorium on the export of wheat to Egypt

Morris told the National Assembly approved Prime Coptic-American that he went at the request of the U.S. administration calling for the moratorium on the export of wheat to Egypt, due to the exposure of Copts in Egypt of oppression - as he claimed -.

Sadiq said in a protest march organized by the Copts in New York, featuring the Rev. extremist Terry Jones, owner of a lawsuit burning the Holy Quran, to condemn the riots that occurred in the city of Abu Tisht recently, "Hey America, Wake-man Egyptian and Christians in my country burn their homes," and claimed in Htavath that "The Egyptian government persecutes Christians and exclude them from high political positions."

In the face of the area to be building a mosque, "Ground Zero" by, condemned what it called the march "Egyptian Christians, burning of houses in the center of Abu Tisht in Qena, Egypt on Monday night."

He endorsed the need to stop sending American wheat to Egypt because, according to belief, do not take firm positions against terrorists such as Mohamed Atta.

For his part, Rev. Terry Jones said that the place where the twin towers fell in 2001 a sacred spot, and expressed his refusal to build a mosque for Muslims, and said the Islamists in this region ended the lives of 3 thousand dollars prior to 9 years.

Just weeks before exposure to the massacre of Iraqi Christians within one of their churches, so I ask the United Nations put Christians in the Middle East under the protection.




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