Wednesday, November 17, 2010

our protest in NY at ground zero

Pastor Terry Jones, left, of the Dove World Outreach Center of Gainesville, Fla., is surrounded by supporters during a news conference across the street from the proposed Islamic cultural center near the World Trade Center site, Tuesday, Nov. 16, 2010 in New York. (AP Photo)
Some of Jones' supporters identified themselves as Coptic Christians from Egypt, saying they had fled persecution because of their religion.
The pastor claimed the purpose of visiting today was to bring awareness to his new organization Stand Up America and how radical Islam needs to be combated
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We know that the is a very strong violent element in Islam, we've seen that very clearly in things that have happened like Fort Hood. We see it very clearly in what has happened in Iraq,” Jones said in front of Park51.
“What we have to understand that these things happen in the Middle East on a regular basis. That is why we hope, sooner or later, we hope to bring our request in some form in front of the UN, and demand that these countries begin to adopt normal human rights.”

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