Saturday, December 18, 2010

Push back the oppression of Islam with Dr Terry Jones‏

As we go in to the New Year, Stand Up America! is picking up momentum!

Our radio and TV work is growing. We partner with The Truth TV ( in California, which broadcasts to millions around the world. With rallies and protests, along with the media coverage we receive, we continue to stand for freedom of speech and religion. We are not hiding behind the church walls. We are out in the public eye, speaking the truth.

There is a great chance we can push back the oppression of Islam to give room for the growth of Christianity all over the world, to give room for freedom to make that choice.

Islamic Law (Sharia) is totalitarian, crushing basic human rights. There is no separation of church and state. It must be accepted without criticism. Daily life and decisions are subject to the laws of Allah as interpreted by the local imams and mullahs. Men are sovereign in their homes and communities, responsible for discipline and order, which is often harshly and violently administered. In Islam women are inferior possessions of men. This attitude leads to mistreatment and abuse for which Muslim men receive little or no punishment. A Muslim does not have the right to change his religion. Apostasy is punishable by death. Honor killing, rape, pedophilia, polygamy, corruption and lying are all given a pass under Islamic teaching.

This is not isolated to Islamic lands. Muslims in the West do not find it easy, or are simply not willing to abide by Western laws because of the demands of Sharia. Increasingly, Muslims are not prosecuted in the same manner as Westerners because judges, law enforcement agencies and governments do not want to offend and anger these communities. How many suffer under this oppression in silence?

Astonishingly, Islamic states have a powerful voice at the United Nations and dominate the Human Rights Council, while Western governments seem helpless or unwilling to challenge their atrocious human rights records. Where is the freedom of religion in Islamic homes, societies and countries? Why do Western governments make it so difficult for ex-Moslems to find asylum in our lands?

The current US Administration is generous with immigrant visas to Pakistani Moslems, for instance, but Pakistani Christians with family members here ready to support them, and in danger every day of persecution and death find it almost impossible to come here.

Christians are being persecuted, jailed, kidnapped and killed in Egypt. Church building permits are denied, renovations to churches are opposed. Yet the US Government does not challenge the Egyptian government’s lack of protection for Christians. In the US Embassy there, Christians applying for immigration face an obstacle of hostile Muslim employees.

Churches are burned and cannot be rebuilt in Indonesia. Christians are executed on Fridays in Saudi Arabia, men and women are punished by stoning and amputations, but the media does not care about any of this, and Western governments do not react. Is a friendly relationship with these governments more important than religious freedom and the eternal souls of men, women and children? We demand change!

Prospects are very good for our expanded work in Europe, where we have much support, and a growing amount of media coverage, especially in Britain where the subject of banning my entry to the country is being discussed. We pray that door will stay open. The United Nations in New York, Washington DC, and Canada are also in our sights for rallies. We will knock on doors and influence key politicians and leaders around the world.

We commit to continue this work in every possible way, no matter what opposition we meet. The possibilities, of course, are multiplied greatly by your financial support. We need to stand together for the truth!!

مظاهرات في لوس انجلوس - موريس صادق

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