Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Terry Jones Was Right!
- By the EDL's Killasam

Something needs to be done! Burning the Quran is not the way it should be done. But Muslim society believes they can do what they like.

The burning of poppies, during the two minutes silence, should have been dealt with by force.
That is our country honouring the people who died fighting for us. If you dislike Britain and its soldiers you should be deported as this is our country, not yours! You are a guest here and should play by our rules, not do as you wish. Something needs to be done before it is too late!

Violence: it’s the only thing I see from the Muslim community. All they do is threat, kill and protest. They aren't reasonable. And they believe that it is within their religion that they can get away with these things.

I feel that this country is at risk and that the Government will not make a stand. I do not feel safe with the current Government as they lay down and take this abuse.

If something is not done soon, people will start taking it into their own hands. This could end very badly for Britain if the Government does not start taking control.

The Government should stand up for its country’s people and not others!

I hope everyone reading this understands what I do.

The amount of disrespect Muslims show towards this country would suggest they do not want to be here. However they do stay here, as they know it is a safer and more secure option.

We let them come and live here but do we receive any gratitude? No!

I hope something is done about this soon. Before it gets worse.
stephaniesapp100 said...
The situation in the U.S is headed in the same direction as Europe. We must act now before its too late! Dr. Terry Jones with Stand Up America is standing up for freedom by holding rallies throughout the United States. We need your support! Find us on Facebook, Stand Up America with Dr. Terry Jones or

1 December 2010 05:50
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  1. Terry, I would like to believe in you but you have proven not to be a man of your word. I haven't decided if it was cowardice or respect for an unholy book. If either proved to be the reason, you owe your followers an explanation and apology, and please don't give me this "burning the Koran is not the way to do it." Why did you not carry out your intentions? When will you back down again?