Thursday, March 31, 2011

EGYPT: Salafi Uprising

The Egyptian Military rulers are moving extremely quickly towards actively supporting Islamisation on all fronts, as a precursor they released nearly 1700 Islamic terrorists, many of which are hard lined Salafists.
Now that the Salafist leaders have been released, they have immediately swung into action to make up for lost time, they appear daily on television and controlled their mosques.

Now flyers were printed and distributed through out the country calling on citizens to join the Salafi movement and denouncing democracy. In addition the Salafist movement announced its intention to form a political party.

The flyers warn “threaten” against the dangers of backing away from a religious state and resorting to systems based on democracy or liberalism, which would lead to transgression of religious prohibitions. The values of democracy violate the law of God. Further, democracy "allows the people to govern themselves even if they are violating the rule of God." The flyer, titled "Be a Salfi" called on citizens to reject all voices advocating for a civil state, as such a state would mean the separation of religion from general life and people being governed without the law of God.

The flyer added that the civil state "equates between citizens in their rights and duties, even if God has created differences in them", liberalism is described as “making man his own God” and as being “governed by that which is not God’s law.” The flyer also calls on citizens to spread these ideas and to return to the Quran and the Sunnah.

Hassan Nafaa, a political science professor at Cairo University, said the content of these flyers "is expected from some Salafist groups, whose members reject anyone different to them."
He went on to say, "It is the state’s duty to criminalize such practices, which interfere with every citizen’s freedom of expression and belief. The fear is that such practices could influence those with limited intelligence, who could then be exploited in supporting and promoting these ideas."

The Salafi movement does not accept the appointment of women or non-Muslims to leadership positions. Salafis adopt a literal interpretation of religious texts, and therefore do not see parliament as the legitimate source of legislation, nor the people as the source of authority. They also made moves to force all Egyptian women to wear a veil and punish those who don't adhere by burning their faces with acid, this is a direct threat aimed at Coptic Christian Women.

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