Thursday, March 31, 2011

the Egyptian Military have installed a “radical” in the position of Foreign Minister.

Nabil El-Araby the FM is now seeking to engage with Hamas, Hezbollah and IRAN, (he has caught the Kevin Rudd virus of engaging with radical islamic organisations).
El Araby, who was appointed on March 6 2011, refuses to wait till after the September elections, and is determined to immediately implement his radical changes.
He said “Hezbollah is part of the political and social makeup of Lebanon, and that communication between Hezbollah and the Egypt is welcomed.”
The Egyptian foreign minister also said “coupled with increased dialogue with Hamas he is committed to improving the humanitarian needs in the Gaza Strip and Rafah crossing.”
When asked about Hamas and Hezbollah been involved in terror acts, he responded “We will not become involved in internal matters of other countries", this comes despite egypts support for foreign intervention in the internal affairs of Libya.
He went further and stated, "Iran is a state in the region, and we have had long-term historical ties with it over the different periods," al-Arabi told a press conference. "We will turn over a new leaf with all Arab states, including Iran."
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for his part said, “Mubarak was too closely connected with America, Western powers and Israel, this must change.”
As for Israel El-Araby said “the Jewish state must be tried for genocide.”
Israel has previously said El-Araby is anti-Israel and not objective, no doubt they will be more concerned now he is foreign minister.
Assad Elepty

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