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The Qu'ran Has No Power; the April 28th Terry Jones Koran Burn Event and Reactions


The Qu'ran Has No Power; the April 28th Terry Jones Koran Burn Event and Reactions (with Updates)

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Dr Terry Jones sets a Koran and Image of Muhammad alight at 5:50pm ET, April 28th, 2012, Dove World Outreach Center, Gainesville, FL.

The 'Holy' Qu'ran has no power. Muslims believe the Koran should be respected and obeyed because you will be cursed with sickness or death by God himself otherwise. Since our first Koran Burn event, the name "Terry Jones" has become a common part of the discussion across the world among Muslims and non-Muslims. If the Koran is so 'holy' and has the power to take revenge on those that disrespect it, why is Terry Jones alive and well?
This is one spiritual reason we were joined by Afghan ex-Muslims living in exile in Asia in the burning of a Koran. They want to share the same testimony with Muslims. They burned the Koran, they were not harmed, the Koran has no power. They also agreed with our protest as a political statement. In Afghanistan, as in Iran where Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani awaits possible execution, Christians are regularly jailed, tortured and killed, simply for their faith. Islam produces spiritual and political violence and oppression.
Our event, located on the familiar field to the west of Dove World Outreach Center was openly supported by 30 people. Several had driven from towns in Georgia and Florida to join our church. Across 37th Street, in the quiet Mile Run neighborhood many people, police and reporters stood or sat in cars and watched from a distance. There may have been 100 witnesses to the burn in all.
Soon after 5pm ET, Dr Terry Jones, Pastor Wayne Sapp and our friend Jim from Freedom Fighter Radio spoke briefly about the dangers we face because of the rise of Islam.
"We thank you for coming today to the World Wide Burning of Korans and Images of Mohammad because as of now Pastor Youcef has not been resleased," began Dr Jones.
"We have received word from all over the world, from throughout the United States, Europe, India. We have been in contact with pastors in Africa, as many as 2000 who are going to be participating today.
A Koran and an image of Mohammad will be burned as a form of demonstration and protest against the brutality, murder, rape, destruction of Islam that has taken place over a 1400 year history and has not stopped."

"Today is not a day of celebration, by no means. It is actually a very sad day. It is sad that something like this needs to take place. It is sad that this type of step has to be taken, because through the generations our government, the governments of the western world have not been able to protect Christians, minorities, women, believers and unbelievers in Muslim dominated countries. Because of this, this type of action, and today this type of world action is necessary to say that we are done waiting and listening to the government. We are calling for the people of the world and the people of the United States to stand up. We are calling for a peaceful revolution. "
Hundreds around the world were watching our Ustream of the event.
Dr Terry Jones:
"As we travel through America one of the things we encounter is that people somehow believe that it cannot happen here. We have the Constitution. The Constitution is indeed a great, great document. I have lived overseas. I have visited 30 countries, I lived in Europe for 30 years. I am also convinced that the Constitution, outside of the Bible, is the greatest document to ever be written. But the Constitution is also under attack.
"People all over say it cannot happen here because of our Constitution. Well I am sure that many, many years ago, that is exactly what Egypt thought, that’s exactly what the Middle East thought. In fact that is exactly what Europe thought after World War II as they began to bring Muslim workers into Europe, all through Europe. They never imagined it could happen there. But now we have a Europe we can lean from. Now we have a Europe with 50 million Muslims. We have a Europe where every single country is fighting right now to maintain its rights, its Constitution, its way of life. It is fighting radical Islam. It is fighting so called moderate Muslims who after a while are no longer moderate. It is fighting Sharia Law.
"Let us in the United States not be so foolish as to think it cannot happen here. It can happen here. It will happen here, unless we stand up, we speak out, and we call our government accountable."
"Islam is not as President Obama said. President Obama is a pro-Islam Muslim Brotherhood President. President Obama said Islam has a long history of tolerance. How can you, as the President of the United States, having taken an oath, how can you lie to such a degree? Islam has, indeed, a long history, and that history continues to repeat itself. It has a long history of burning homes, raping women, killing Christians. It has, indeed a long history of terrorism, but it has no history at all of tolerance and peace."
We have seen the evidence of Islam’s terrorist attacks. Here, Dr Jones read a list of the major terror attacks against US targets from the hostage taking in Iran in 1979 through the attack on the Twin Towers and Pentagon on September 11th, 2001.
He continued, "100% of the terrorist attacks on US Airlines have been committed by Muslims. When you have 100% you no longer have racial profiling, you have the description of a suspect."
"Pastor Youcef has spent over 900 days in jail because of his religious beliefs, because he dared to share those religious beliefs. We must, as the American people, we must stand up. We cannot trust our government, we cannot trust Hussein Obama who has ordered the FBI offices to be searched and 1000 documents were confiscated and destroyed because they brought Islam and terrorism together."
"It is time for the people, it is time for us, it is time for us to take our government and take our lives back. The government cannot be trusted. That is why Thomas Jefferson said, Thomas Jefferson knew this, the people, the people of the United States, “the people have two enemies, criminals and government. So let us tie down the second with the chains of the Constitution so the second does not become the legalized version of the first.”
"That is why today we are calling for a United States wide, a world wide peaceful revolution. We must take our freedoms back. We must no longer allow ourselves to be silenced, and our freedom of speech, our First Amendment, our Second Amendment rights to be taken from us. It is time to stand up."
"That is why today we will, as an act of protest, as an act of standing up, as an act of saying you can push us no longer, we will no longer be silent, we will no longer sit down, we will no longer be appeased, and we will no longer appease Islam, Sharia and the Muslim community.
We will today, all across this globe, we will today burn the unholy, ungodly, perverted book of Islam, and the unholy, evil, so-called Prophet Mohammad."

The Koran and image of Mohammad were solemnly lit. Some had already burned Korans or images in other places, but our Afgan exiles waited until they saw Dr Jones light his fire. While it was burning they lit their fire and filmed it burning.
We watched the Koran burn in silence for some minutes, and then Dr Jones spoke again with the fire still burning. "As we said earlier, we take no joy or pleasure in this particular act. We pray that the Muslim community, perhaps through this act, perhaps through the many evangelistic aspects of Christianity and the reaching out to the Muslim community, they will somehow be set free from the deception of Islam, from the deception of Mohammad, from the death and destruction hat Islam has caused since its very beginning.”
"Let us continue to pray that God will protect our Constitution, that God will protect our country, because the United States of America is the last beacon of hope. We are the last country with true freedom of speech."
We were led in the pledge of allegiance to Flag of the United States, which still represents, for now, ‘liberty and justice for all.’
"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."
Dr Jones concluded with prayer. "Father, we ask that you would reach down and touch America again with a spirit of revival and a spirit of repentance. Father God, appear supernaturally to the Muslim community, that they might awake out of their deception and realize that there is one true God, that is the Lord Jesus Christ. In Jesus’ name we pray.”

As the speaking was concluded, and the fire was still burning, two police cars drove onto our property, and a group of policemen walked over to escort a Fire Department official who cited us with a small fine for violating a City Fire Code.
You can see the video of our event HERE, and the video of the Afghan Christians’ event HERE
This is a translation of the statements the Afghan Pastor made on the video:
The First Segment
“You are well aware, that because of Mohammad curse of God be upon him, and his satanic book Koran our country is destroyed, ruined and is under the slavery of Arabs from the past 1400 years. Our 4 million people were martyred, 3 million people are disabled, and 7 million people are forcible immigrated (taken asylum) to other countries. Our country is completely destroyed, we are called terrorist by the world, and it all happened and is happening to us because of this dirty Koran, and today we want to judge and punish Koran, today we want to burn Koran, because Koran and Mohammad are from Satan and the punishment for them is only and only the flame of hell. Lets burn Koran.”
Second part
“This is the power of Koran, Koran has no power, this is satanic book, and today the house of Satan got fire.”
Other videos and images of world wide participation in the event are being posted on our YouTube channel, standupamericanow

More images from the event can be seen HERE at our FACEBOOK PAGE.

Support from around the world both before and after the event has been overwhelming. Hundreds of calls, mails and comments on the videos have been positive. Egyptian and Pakistani Christian leaders personally have expressed their thanks to Dr Jones for dramatically increasing global awareness of the persecution of Christians and minorities in Muslim lands, and for warning the West of the dangers of Islamization.
It appears that the first news report of the event was released by the Gainesville Sun a few hours after the event. This was then repeated by Agencie-France Press and picked up from there by other news agencies.
Others have created news reports based on the Ustream itself and the YouTube copied from the Ustream which we uploaded the next morning.
Aaron Klein of WABC and WND interviewed Dr Jones on April 29th. And The Blaze now has two articles posted on the event, both including the Youtube. The comments under these articles are overwhelmingly supportive. Here and here.
Iran was quick to speak against the event and to condemn the US and Saudi governments for their silence. The US State Department commented on Monday,
WASHINGTON — The US State Department on Monday denounced the burning of copies of the Koran and a depiction of the prophet Mohammed by a Florida pastor, saying the acts did not reflect American values.
“We find such action deplorable. We find it disrespectful. I, frankly, don’t want to give this issue or that individual any more air time here,” State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland told reporters.
“This is the act of one individual and in no way reflects the values of the American people or of the US government,” Nuland said.
That article here

May 1st, 2012
"Iran's Foreign Ministry condemned Mr Jones' actions on Monday, calling for the United States to prevent such incidents. One member of parliament, Hossein Ibrahim, a Shiite cleric, called Mr Jones "evil and an apostate" and said he must be executed, the semi-official Fars news agency reported."
May 2nd, 2012
"LAHORE, Pakistan – Condemning burning of the Holy Quran by a Florida pastor Terry Jones, the participants of International Mushaikh, Ameer-e-Millat Convention have demanded raising the issue from the OIC platform."
Hezbollah Denounces Burning Of Quran by US Pastor and holds "the US authorities fully accountable," while calling on the Arab and Muslim world to condemn the "crime." Read more here
In addition to a dozen death threats we have received against Dr Jones recently, a militant group in Pakistan, the Quraishi, held a press conference and announced Rs 1.5 million "Head Money" for the killing of Terry Jones today.
We have seen a call for protests in Pakistan on Friday.
The Pakistan Senate has passed a resolution condemning our protest. The text is here:
Hypocritically, the Pakistan Senate is concerned about the UN Charter eroding and the need for "sanity and rationality," while human rights violations and the violence and oppression of Islam especially against women and Christians goes unchecked in their own country. Much of our support comes from Pakistani Christians.

The Truth TV
This week Dr Terry Jones is in California to contribute to the live broadcasts on The Truth TV The shows are broadcast live on satellite and streamed on the internet with 52 million viewers. you can call in and talk with him during the shows on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons (PT).
 Pastor Terry Jones Burns quran again!

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