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Which Islam Do Muslims Present To You?

Which Islam Do Muslims Present To You?

Part 1

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Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits. Matthew 7:15

Which Islam do Muslims present?

Is it true that Islam is a religion of peace?

Does Islam teach Muslims to behead non-Muslims?

Is Islam the tolerant teachings of Mohammed, the first militant commander of Muslims, while he was in Mecca or the violent teachings he gave after moving to Medina?

Muslims try to improve the image of Islam by claiming it is a religion of peace. They fail to share the whole truth about Islam, presenting only the tolerant teachings that Mohammed taught while in Mecca, not his violent teachings that he taught in Medina. In Medina, Mohammed instructed Muslims to kill non-Muslims. K 9:5, 29

In Mecca (610-623 AD), Mohammed shared Ebionism, a Christian heresy that he adopted after he married a Christian widow Khadija. Because he had no power, he took no action against those who did not accept his heretical Christian beliefs and was tolerant of Jews and Christians. He told them, "We believe in what has been revealed to you (the Bible). Our Allah and your God are the same." (K 29:45) When Mohammed failed to gain a following in Mecca, he moved to Medina where his mother's tribe offered him armed support.

In Medina (623-633 AD) Mohammed gained power and subsequently changed his tolerant stance. He instructed his followers to force Jews and Christians to convert to Islam, to extort money from them or to kill them. With the backing of his mother's tribe, he attacked tribes to force them to accept Islam by threatening death. In the Koran, one can clearly see the difference in Mohammed's tolerant teachings in Mecca and his violent teachings in Medina.

For example, Mohammed instructed Muslims to sign a peace treaty only if they are losing a battle. "If they (non-Muslims) want peace, sign a peace treaty with them and trust in Allah." (K 8:61) However, If Muslims are winning, Mohammed instructed them not to agree to peace. "Do not sign a peace treaty if you have the upper hand. Allah is with you." K 47:35

Today, Muslims, instructed by the Koran, continue to wage Jihad (terrorist) attacks wherever they have political power to force people into Islam. While we do not agree with the actions of Muslims, we hold Islam responsible because it instructs Muslims to kill non-Muslims. K 9:5, 29

Following are a few of the contradictions between Mohammed's tolerant teachings in Mecca and his violent teachings in Medina.

In Mecca, Mohammed said that Muslims and non-Muslims would get into paradise.

"The believers (Muslims), Jews, Christians, Sabians and whoever believes in Allah, the Judgment Day and does good works will receive their reward from their Lord." Koran 2:62; 5:69

In Medina, Mohammed said that ONLY Muslims would get into paradise.

"Fight those who do not believe in Allah and the Judgment Day, or who do not forbid what has been forbidden by Allah and his messenger (Mohammed), or who do not believe in the religion of truth (Islam) among the people of the Book (Jews and Christians) until they surrender, pay extortion and feel themselves subdued." K 9:29

In Mecca, Mohammed allowed freedom of religion.

"Religion is not forced." K 2:256

"I (Mohammed) can have my belief and you (Jews and Christians) can have your belief." K 109:6

In Medina, Mohammed forced people into Islam.

"If anyone desires a religion other than Islam, never will it be accepted of him." K 3:85

"Fight them (non-Muslims) until there is no apostasy and the only religion accepted is the religion of Allah (Islam)." K 2:193

In Mecca, Mohammed was tolerant of other faiths because he had no power to force them into his beliefs.

"Do not comply with the infidels and hypocrites (who claim they are Muslims). Disregard their hurt and trust in Allah." K 33:48

In Medina, Mohammed took revenge on his opposition.

"The punishment for those who wage war against Allah and his messenger (Mohammed) and commit crimes is to be killed, or crucified, or have one hand and one foot cut off on opposite sides or they should be exiled. This is their disgrace in this lifetime and a severe punishment is theirs in the hereafter." K 5:33

In Mecca, Mohammed taught Muslims not to force people into Islam.

"If they become Muslims they are guided rightly. If they do not accept Islam, you (Mohammed) are only to share the message." K 3:19

"You (Muslims) are not responsible to guide them (non-Muslims) to the right way (Islam) but Allah guides whom he pleases." K 2:272

"If it had been your Lord's will, all people on earth would have believed [in Islam]. Are you (Mohammed) forcing people to become believers (Muslims)! No one can believe except by the will of Allah." K 10:99-100

"[O Mohammed], your duty is to share the message. It is our part (Allah) to judge." K 13:40

"If it had been Allah's will, they would not have become infidels. We (Allah) did not send you (Mohammed) to monitor their actions or judge their affairs." K 6:107

In Medina, Mohammed instructed Muslims to kill anyone who does not accept Islam.

"If they do not accept Islam, seize them and kill them wherever you find them." K 4:89

"O prophet (Mohammed) incites the believers (Muslims) to fight." K 8:65

"Fight them until there will be no apostasy and the religion becomes Allah's religion (Islam)." K 8:39

"Kill the infidels (non-Muslims) wherever you find them, seize them and lie in wait to ambush them. If they repent (convert to Islam) and give alms let them go." K 9:5

"Fight the infidels (non-Muslims) and the hypocrites (who claim they are Muslims) and be aggressive to them. They are condemned to hell." K 9:73

"When you (Muslims) encounter infidels (non-Muslims), behead them." K 47:4

"I (Allah) will terrorize the hearts of the infidels (non-Muslims). Behead them and cut off their fingers because they did not believe in Allah and his apostle (Mohammed). If anyone does not believe in Allah and his apostle, Allah has severe torment." K 8:12-13

When early Muslims raised concerns regarding killing non-Muslims, Mohammed encouraged them to fight and carry out Jihad (terrorist) attacks for the sake of Allah. He claimed that Muslims who die for Allah would be rewarded in paradise with busty white virgins. K 78:33

Mohammed Beheaded 800 Jewish Men

Mohammed and his followers attacked the Jewish tribe of Quraiza in Arabia and beheaded eight hundred men, raped the women and made them concubines, enslaved the children, then divided their possessions among themselves. Mohammed took Rayhana as a concubine.

It was in revenge for attacking her Jewish tribe of Khaybar and for the deaths of her father, brother and husband that Zainab Bint El-Harith poisoned Mohammed, resulting in his death in 633 AD. [Biography of Mohammed by Bin Hesham]

Mawardi, a Muslim scholar, wrote regarding infidel captives of Jihad attacks, "The Prince (Jihad leader) can choose to behead them, enslave them, ransom them or pardon them." [Mawardi, The Laws of Islamic Government, translated by Dr. Assad Allah Yate, London, Taha Publishers Ltd., 1986, p. 192]

For fourteen centuries, from Morocco to India, Muslims have waged Jihad (terrorist) attacks against Jews, Christians, Zoroastrians, Buddhists and Hindus. Muslims have massacred thousands of people by cutting their throat or beheading them. In Egypt, 15 million Christians face severe persecution daily. Muslims ask them to choose one of three choices: to convert to Islam, pay extortion or be killed.

The beheading and slaying of non-Muslims by Muslims has occurred worldwide; in Indonesia, Egypt, Sudan, the Philippines and Nigeria; Hindu priests and unveiled Hindu women in Kashmir. Daniel Pearl, a Wall Street Journal reporter, was beheaded in Pakistan in 2003. Nicholas Berg, a 26 year-old Jewish American, was beheaded in Iraq in 2004 while on business for his company and his decapitation by Zarqawi, a Jihad leader, was shown on a video on the Internet.

It should not be surprising that Jihad terrorism practices slaying and beheading of non-Muslims. In fact, these horrible acts are taught in the Koran (K 47:4; 8:12,13) and approved by Muslim scholars. This is the true face of Islam which Mohammed taught and practiced in Medina.

* ISLAM is a combination of Paganism, worship of the moon god Allah and Ebionism, a Christian heresy, spread by Mohammed Bin Abd Allah in Arabia in the 7th century. The word “Islam” was not derived from the Arabic word “salam”, which means “peace” as Muslims claim. It was derived from “istislam” which means “surrender or die”. The word “sal’lem” was the word which Mohammed shouted while pursuing his opposition. His militant commands, terrorist attacks, pagan, and Ebionism’s beliefs are contained in the Koran, the book of Islam.
* MECCA is a town in Arabia where Mohammed shared his Christian heresy from 610-623 AD. Because he had no power, he took no action against those who chose not to follow him in Mecca.
* MEDINA is a city in Arabia where Mohammed moved after his mother=s tribe offered him armed support. In Medina (623-633 AD), he and his mother’s tribe waged wars to force people to follow him or be killed. In the Koran, one can clearly see the difference in Mohammed’s tolerant teachings in Mecca and his harsh teachings in Medina. Muslims, instructed by the Koran, continue Jihad attacks wherever they have political power, to force people into Islam.
* KORAN is the book of Islam that Mohammed claimed was revealed to him by Allah, the pagan moon god of Arabs.
(K 1:1) stands for (Koran chapter 1: verse 1)
* HADITH is Mohammed’s sayings collected by Bukhary.
(B 1:1) stands for (Bukhary volume 1: saying 1)
* JIHAD, holy war, is an Islamic term that means to spread Islam by force and kill whoever refuses to convert. It is the most sacred duty of Muslims and is carried out by Muslim extremists, politically known as terrorists. The Koran promotes the use of terrorist tactics (K 8:12) to spread Islam and promises that Muslims who die for Allah will enjoy big breasted white virgins in paradise. K 78:33

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