Thursday, May 7, 2009

Egypt’s Health Minister Determined to Call the Army to Kill Pigs, and Livelihood of Christian Copts

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Egypt’s Health Minister Determined to Call the Army to Kill Pigs, and Livelihood of Christian CoptsInciting Hatred and Violence in the Rise against Egypt’s Christian as False Fear of H1N1 IntensifiesIf this is Not Islamic Terrorism what would it be called? The Health Minister, Hatem Al-Gabaly, threats to call for Egypt’s Arm forces to compel Christian farmers to give in their pigs voluntarily for killing. So far not one single case confirmed of H1N1 Flu. On the last week all Media outlets kept spread fears among Muslims of Swine (Pigs) Flu, despite there is no reports of infected cases. According to 'Arab Jerusalem' a Newspaper based on London, “on the past few days the regime has already used the Army against Christians, the Newspaper reported. But the armed forces did not MOBILIZES all energies yet. In an interview with some Satellite Channels, the Health Minister, announced that two Egyptians suspected who came from Germany, got sick, and are quarantine for medical examination. Up to this point, no official word of any infections. Nevertheless, the government’s Media, and Newspaper keep feed in Muslims with fear and hatred from the Pigs, and Christian Coptic owners, to intimidate and incite violence against them. The terror call of Mr. Gabaly using the Arm Forces against defenseless and peaceful Christian must considered a real terrorism. Instead of fighting the endemic deadly Liver diseases of Hepatitis “C” in Egypt, that kills thousands of Egyptians every year. The Health Minister wants the Army to kill Pigs, and livelihood of Copts. According to, Medical Writers’ Circle, on August 2006, the estimated adjusted national prevalence rate of severe hepatitis C infection is 7.8% of Egypt’s population, or 5.3 million people in 2004(American Journal of Gastroenterology 2006). Currently this number may be as high as 7 million people in Egypt.These facts clearly show the evil intent of Mubarak regime represented in his Health Minister Terror statements. More came out from Al-Azhar, inciting for violence and hatred against Christian Copts. Same Arabic Newspaper reported,” there is an agreement between Al-Azhar’s Grand Sheikh Mohamed Sayed Tantawi and the Mufti Ali Gomaa, to cancel the collective prayers and worship fearing the Swine Flu. The Declaration to abolish the collective prayers will be in effect, as soon as the World Health Organization, WHO, declares level six of the H1N1 threat. Exaggeration and enlargement of fear of H1N1 Flu used to cover up, the failure of the regime stopping Hezbullah, and Iran infiltration, and influence. Such influence is spreading expanding quickly among Muslims, whom they look at Mubarak as traitor, especially after Gaza war, as well as a form of attack on Christians. Obviously Mubarak regime unqualified help making peace in the Middle East, While his terror regime involved in committed all kinds of crimes against humanity. It is clear the regime lives on making trouble not peace to survive.Unfortunately, the silence of the White House and US government interpreted by Mubarak regime as a green light to press ahead on its persecution campaign against the indigent Christians of Egypt. American Coptic Union won’t stop calling on President Obama to halt Mubarak’s campaign of genocide to uproot Copts from their own homeland, and hold him personally responsible for these crimes.Now it is the responsibility of the President of United States of America, Barack Obama, Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, and US Congress to prevent Mubarak from using the Army in such barbaric mission. Recently, the US has approved $1.3 Billion as military aides to Egypt. These military aides should suspend immediately.

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