Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fatwa in Egypt: Source of pigs is Jews

A new fatwa published in Egypt determines that the source of all the existing pigs in the world is Jews, who were cursed by Allah. The new edict was issued by Sheikh Ali Osman from the Egyptian Waqf ministry.

Due to their Jewish roots, Sheikh Osman says, it is permissible to slaughter all the pigs. The religious scholar was quoted as saying by a Jordanian newspaper that he personally believes the source of the pigs is Jews and thus the consumption of pork meat is banned in Islam.
He added that a person who consumes swine flesh is considered as one who consumed another "impure person." Sheikh Osman said his fatwa is being supported by the heads of al Azhar, but they fear to publicly confirm it. He said he still wait for response from al azhar fatwa committee to get an official approval for his new edict.

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