Thursday, May 14, 2009

What kind of message will Obama send the world if he addresses Muslims from a racist university?

Ayman Farag , Egypt
It was recently announced that president Obama will address the Muslim world out of Egypt, despite the mounting criticism of the human rights record of the current regime in Egypt.
Egyptian media is predicting that president Obama might address the Muslim world from Al Azhar University, a known racist university that is funded by the Egyptian government yet does not admit non-Muslims nor accept them to study in it's 11 branches with it's tens of medical, pharmaceutical, and schools of science!
Was this the kind of "change" that Obama promised to accomplish when he ran for president? did it cross the minds of his advisors that addressing the world from a racist university is in complete opposition to the mere promises that Mr Obama made as a candidate?
Mr president, please consider these facts and do not deliver your message out of that university, I also hope that you openly discuss the abuse of human rights in Egypt such as torturing prisoners and denying minorities their rights.
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