Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Discrimination against coptic Christian employees in the American university in Egypt.

Discrimination against coptic Christian employees in the American university in Egypt.

Subject: Discrimination against coptic Christian employees in the American university in Egypt.
As an Egyptian born and raised and a naturalized US citizen I am shocked but not surprised that some Muslim staff and managers at the AUC Cairo is discriminating against Christian staff at the AUC in an effort to Islamize the university which is a standard shameful Islamic behavior that I had experienced myself.
However when it amount to dismissing four Christian employees and what is known now that some whole departments in the AUC has became Christian free department this must not go unnoticed.

The problem with American born individuals who manage the American entities overseas is that they THINK that all nations behave like them and will hire and fire based on efficiency only , overlooking the fact that some Muslims believe it is their duty to rid the world and the work place from the misguided or the one that Allah hate.

It is the AUC image that is on stake as an American and tax payer I would expect the AUC top management to examine the issue considering that incident and others that involve discriminating against Christian employees in the AUC.

The head of security in the AUC is a graduate from police academy in Cairo which only admit less that 1% Christian students while the population of Christian in Egypt is 10 to 15% , do u expect such person to believe in giving equal opportunity to Christian security staff.
Watch the Christian staff whom were fired speaking in that link
student at that one AUC 2009-11-09 22:43:57

I Used To Be a Student at the AUC. AUC, the American University in Cairo has been Iinfected by the virus of Islamis, Arabism and Discrimination. How come this can happen under the American name of freedom and liberty? I wonder that the Islamist epidemic and Jihadist virus will infeltirate AUC as it has infelirated the American Embassy in Cairo. Why the American Embassy in Cairo have been supplying us with the terrorist Islamists sheikhs, Jihadists and Mounagabbat women; Veiled sex slaves of women To the USA. Enough USA to commit self-suicide destroying the Great Western Civilization of Human Dignity

President USA ,

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