Monday, November 23, 2009

violent on christians in the village of Abou shusha , Egypt

New and urgent) Persecution of Christians of Egypt. Oppressive Bulletin 23/11: new sectarian terrorist incidents in the village of Abu Shusha - Abu _i Center in Upper Egypt. (Muslims Abu _i continue to destroy the stores and property of Christians and the Muslims in solidarity with their sisters فرشوط) in early Monday morning corresponding to 23/11/2009 extended the hands of organized terrorism to the village of Abu Shusha and away from the Nag Hammadi, 25 ... Read more hits in the north far from the recent events in فرشوط There is no justification to those criminal and terrorist acts intended to destroy the property of the Copts, the economy hit in the difficult economic conditions experienced by the country that promptly at two in the morning Vwjioa Copts of the village of Abu Shusha a fire number three shops after being stolen and destroyed just did not get anything from them useful and the two objects Avenue Omar Ibn Khattab St., from the commercial market downtown and firefighters did not attend only one hour after the communication, although it away from the scene, only 8 hits. A number of residents of the village of Abu _i Shehadlitin destroyed and replaced in the village Abu Shusha Abu _i of belonging to one of the Copts, in protest at the security against extradition to the girl's family to take revenge of it. Qena security bodies had received a communication by a number of compatriots in the village of Abu Shusha Shehadlitin burned and destroyed, shops, and engaging in sabotage of the village, for the Copts, confirming for their solidarity with the position of the girl's family to hand over the accused to take vengeance for them. The security services have stepped up their presence in Qena centers in Abu _i and فرشوط and secure their income, and Mforeighm and the use of a large number of security personnel from other provinces, in order to control security and calm the situation, where the local people are engaged in subversive"

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