Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Lance Silver
05 - March - 2009

Obama should be ashamed of himself. He should demand conditions from Hamas before one cent is sent as should Sec of State Hilary.
Obama must insist that Hamas remove from it's charter the destruction of Israel, rights for Christians to live and pray in peace etc.. or no money from the USA ; it's anti American to support them.
How stupidly politically correct, naive and corrupt to give the Palestinians & Gaza ALMOST $ 900,000,000 FROM THE USA . Lance

Monday, March 2, 2009 8:36 PMBy: David A. Patten

President Obama's 2010 budget seeks to double U.S. aid payments to other countries despite a $1.75 trillion deficit and the worst recession in over a quarter of a century.
Obama's landmark proposal heralds a massive increase in the size of government, and "puts the United States on a path to double U.S. foreign assistance," according to the White House budget overview.
That would mean annual U.S. foreign assistance expenditures at over $50 billion a year, although it's not clear yet how quickly Obama intends to attain that goal.

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