Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Muslim extremists abduct more Coptic girls ‎and The Egyptian police follow the ‎extremist’s approach

Cases of abduction of Coptic Egyptian girls are deemed to be a staggering problem in ‎Egypt. Coptic girls are abducted by Muslim fundamentalists from all across Egypt. In ‎addition, the Egyptian police lean towards the extremists’ side. The Police do not only ‎protect the kidnappers, but also detain the girls families when they file complain in the ‎police stations. In a recent case, the Egyptian police created a set up to arrest the family ‎members of Dimiana Makarm Hanna, ‎‏21‏‎ years old. Dimiana was kidnapped by Muslim ‎extremists in July, ‎‏06‏‎ in the Fayom Province, North East, Cairo. Along with thousands of ‎other Coptic Christians, Dimiana’s family protested her abduction and the unfair ‎treatment they received by the police. Accordingly, they were arrested and detained by ‎the Egyptian State Security Intelligence (ESSI). The ESSI also arrested members of ‎clergy of the Coptic Orthodox church who has called for the immediate release of ‎Dimiana Hanna. The names of these clergy are Tadrous Naser, Naser Kalaf, William ‎Massoud, and Issaq Aziz. After two weeks of their detention, The Egyptian authorities ‎released the previously mentioned individuals. Their release was contingent upon the ‎cessation of calling for Dimina’s return to her Christian Family. ‎The National American Coptic Assembly demands the US Congress to fully implement ‎the Religious Freedom Act. The American administration should also pressure the ‎Egyptian government to punish the kidnappers and preclude these cases of abductions.
‎‎ ‎Morris Sadek – ESQ
special ‎Legal consultant – DC bar
‎Egyptian advocate
National American Coptic Assembly President ‎

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