Friday, March 13, 2009

Brother Kills A Terrorist in Search for Kidnapped Sister‏

An Egyptian Christian man angry at his kidnapped sister killed a Muslim terrorist. Mariam Khillah, was kidnapped, raped, and forcibly converted to Islam approximately 15 month ago by a terrorist, Ahmed Saleh. Since Mariam has disappeared, the family never stopped searching for her return. According to our souses, the policy has mistreated, and beaten the family when reported the disappearance of the daughter. The search for Mariam led to locate the place where she kept away from her family. As a result, the family tried very hard to convince the perpetrator for peaceful settlement, but attempts fail. Eventually, and according to the untrusted Police information, Ramy, brother of Mariam, broke into her Cairo hidden place and sprayed gunfire on the terrorist Ahmed Saleh.The official reports were full of lies. The police accused the Coptic Egyptian family of killing "an Egyptian Muslim". More, falsely claimed that Marian converted to Islam without any pressure, and totally ignored the kidnapping, and raping of Mariam by the terrorist, Ahmed Saleh.This incident showed the role of the police in kidnapping, raping, and force conversion on more than 50,000 Coptic Christian girls, and women, on the last 25 years.The American Coptic Union is calling upon US Government, Congress, and Human Rights Organization investigate all the crimes against humanity by the Arab Islamic regime in Egypt, and allow the immediate return of kidnapped girls, and women to their families.
written BY The American Coptic Union

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