Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Report to Public Prosecutor IN EGYPT : Three Salafist-Jihadist Groups Arrested During Israeli Aggression on Gaza

By Ahmed al-Khatib
A report to the Public Prosecutor and the National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) has disclosed that three Salafist-Jihadist groups, including 75 people, were arrested during the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip two months ago. This is the biggest number of detainees since arresting the members of Al-Taefa Al-Mansoura (the Victorious Sect) and the groups accused of belonging to Qaeda in 2007. The report, filed by the father of a detainee called Karim Medhat Abdel Ghani, said the security forces arrested the three groups from their homes and places of work, as most of them work for Internet companies. This means that they were arrested because they use the Internet to hold communication between the three groups.�The detainees were arrested last January 10 from Heliopolis, Ein Shams, al-Zaitoun, and Al-Matar Sheraton. They have been imprisoned in Abu Zabal Prison after being interrogated by in the headquarters of the security forces affiliated to the Ministry of Interior.�Five detainees have been recently released, the report said, adding that the defendants have been asked about their relation to bombs and websites having relation to Qaeda and Osama bin Laden. They have been also asked about their relation to the Islamic groups and attempts to blow up cafes and public places. The detainees denied all these accusations.�The security services try to get confessions from the detainees that they have been involved in Khan al-Khalili recent blast although they were arrested before the blast, Abdel Ghani’s father said, denying that his son has a relation to any Jihadist group.
All the detainees have been tortured by the security services inside the premises of the Ministry of the Interior in an attempt to get confessions about their relationship with the Islamic terrorist groups and Khan al-Khalili blast.

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