Friday, September 4, 2009

Coptic Priest supports Egypt strike « Bikya Masr

Coptic Priest supports Egypt strike « Bikya Masr
Sep 4, 2009 ... Leading the strike charge is Morris Sadek, a lawyer and President of the National Assembly of the American Copts. - 17 hours ago - Similar
Copts abroad call for national strike in Egypt
Egyptian Coptic communities abroad have called on September 11 for a general strike in Egypt and asked Copts to wear black to commemorate the day. September 11 is also the Coptic
It is a peaceful strike. It reflects our rejection to the perpetual prosecution that Copts endure for the past 28 years. Please be aware that Copts' reject that killing incidents of copts in Mubarak's era. It is well known that the copts lost 4000 people and endure 1500 attack. In addition to the extreme discrimination in government agencies and the destruction of their Church's, Copts working in the pork meat industry declare bankruptcy because of the government ignorant practices. Accordingly, our organization call upon all copts to join this strike.

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