Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Message to the united Nations

By Nabil Mikhail

I would like to Thank Mr. Clooney for inviting regular everyday people like us to express our opinion and have our voices heard.
My name is Nabil Mikhail, I am an American citizen, but I was born in a country where minorities are not only persecuted, but they also have no voice and value.
Peace, like air and water, should be the right of every human being living on earth. For us to achieve peace we should look at the roots and the causes of the problem.
In many countries ruled by the Islamic regime, we see the violations against minorities who are usually Christians. We see AHMADINEJAD ignoring the Israeli presence, as well as the Palestinians refusing to coexist with an Israeli state. We see Egypt, who made a peace treaty with Israel while the Egyptian media feed its citizens the hate for Israel. This shows us that the government is heading into one direction, while the media, which is controlled by the government, is going toward the opposite direction.
While the whole world is focused on the Israeli-Palestinian issue as if solving it will create peace in the whole world, I believe that we should give any less attention to Darfur, the Christians in Iraq, the Christians in Pakistan, the Christians in Afghanistan, and the Christians in Saudi Arabia who are not even allowed to pray in their own homes. In these countries, converting from Islam to any other religion means being executed, if not by your family, then by the government.
I think the United Nations should stop listening to governments and start talking with the people in the streets of these countries. Because while governments like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Afghanistan assure that they are providing equal freedoms to their citizens regardless of their religion or ethnicity, the truth is the opposite of what they claim. Corruption, favoritism, and persecution are the traits of everyday activity, to the point that people take it as the norm in a Muslim ruled country.
I believe the United Nations should start a dialogue with different organizations that represent the minorities in these countries.
I believe the United Nations should start listening to those who have no representation in their own governments, speak for those who are silenced by fear, and act for those who are paralyzed by tyranny.
Listen to people in the street instead of presidents in their luxury homes. Listen to the alienated minorities, instead of the oppressing majority; listen to the weak instead of the strong, walk in the streets instead of watching the government controlled media, listen to the people instead of the governments.

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