Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Positive Message of Human Rights and Freedom

by D. L. Adams
Today’s unpleasant events in Harrow/London, UK are instructive to all of us who support freedom and oppose the totalitarian barbarism of political Islam. Those who attended the SIOE demonstration in Harrow today are to be applauded and supported. We wish all of our friends and colleagues in Europe well and support them entirely in their fight for their cultures and freedoms against the rapid encroachment of Islamization there.
Things are very bad for liberty and freedom in Europe today. Things are so bad in Europe in fact that those who love liberty and want to protect it from the advancement of an anti-liberty intolerant ideology of conquest and barbarism (Islam) feel that they have no option but to “take to the barricades”.
The hour is late in Europe as Islamic immigration is unfettered and Islamists publicly proclaim hatred for the host cultures and their desires to see them replaced with Sharia Law Islamic states. There are few who defend Europe’s shores, and fewer still who understand the dangers that Islam presents to European freedoms and religions.
The growth of Islam in the last three decades in Europe now has sparked a crisis there which is existential. Islam and its adherents have a specific agenda that, like everything else relating to Islam, originates in the doctrine of Islam; Koran, Sira, and Hadith.
Those who have read these texts and see daily jihad across the world and see the appalling atrocities wrought by Islam (9/11, Mumbai, London, Madrid, Paris, Israel, Iraq, Beslan, Bali, Kenya, etc., ad infinitum) know that Europe’s existence as a conglomeration of free countries is at risk. They (SIOE and other defenders of freedom across the continent) rise in defense of their freedoms and their countries doing honor to their heritage and heroes who fought similar battles against the very same or similar enemies of freedom and decency and humanity.
Today’s events in Harrow and the media’s opposition to our cause of defense of freedom and opposition to totalitarianism (masquerading as a fake “religion of peace”) shows that the value of this kind of direct action may be overstated. There are several reasons for this.
The bias of the media causes journalists (an entirely failed profession) to have a predilection to support Islam which they see as a “religion” under assault. They make the mistaken leap of thinking that because Islam is a “religion”that, because they (the failed journalists) are proper multiculturalists who believe that all religions are of equivalent value, should be defended from criticism. After all “criticism” makes people upset, and multiculturalists don’t want to upset anybody.
In addition, and most importantly, journalists are as ignorant about Islam as most of the wider culture which they are supposed to serve; they are unaware that Islam is an entire civilization which includes politics, jurisprudence, and war, and is not just a fake peace “religion”. The unpleasant part which they are not aware of is that the totality of Islam is a sinister political ideology whose core purpose is conquest and expansion and the destruction of non-Muslim cultures, societies, religions and cultures everywhere and forever. This is not opinion or excessive rhetoric, this is the doctrine of Islam.
Jihad is at the center of Islamic doctrine. Jihad is an obligation for every “believer”. All Muslims must participate in jihad, non participation is apostasy. Islam has no tolerance for those who wish to leave the “religion of peace” or for those who do not follow the rules of Koran, Sira, and Hadith (the trilogy doctrine of Islam).
Allah and Mohammed hate the unbelievers; no unbeliever culture, religion, or state can be tolerated by Allah or Mohammed. Jihad is the responsibility of all Muslims to remove this offense from Allah and Mohammed. This is “fighting in Allah’s cause”. This phrase is mentioned almost 150 times in Koran; it is a central concept of Islam.
Most of the population of Europe and of the USA have not read the doctrinal texts of Islam and know nothing of current daily jihad attacks and atrocities, the history of jihad and its hundreds of millions of victims, or the doctrine of Islam which commands adherents to do jihad everywhere and forever until there are no unbelievers (kafirs) anywhere.
Because the population is ignorant of these central components of Islam they are opposed overwhelmingly to criticism of Islam.
This is cultural and national suicide; multicultural defenders of Islam are not aware that they are committing cultural and national suicide; when they become aware of this fact it may be too late to turn back from the edge of the cliff.
SIOA and SIOE are about freedom and human rights. We are about defense of our countries and people from the threat of totalitarianism and a political ideology (Islam) that overshadows even Nazism in its brutality, barbarism, and cruelty. We are patriots and lovers of humanity. The press do not see this, and cannot understand why such lovers of humanity would cause “controversy” (controversy is bad to multiculturalists because somebody may be offended) at a mosque in Harrow or anywhere else.
Because they do not understand perhaps it may be that we should change our approach a little bit.
While we certainly are in opposition to totalitarianism in all its forms we are also FOR freedom, tolerance, human rights, and moral and ethical rationalism that denies any supremacism anywhere. We are FOR much more than what we are against.
This is a positive message. It is our message of opposition to the cruelty and brutality and intolerance that is Islam but restated in a positive way to show people what we are FOR as well as what we are AGAINST. What we are FOR cannot be disputed by most decent people; what we are against most people do not understand.
Let us be certain to tell those who will listen what we are FOR and not spend all of our time on what we are AGAINST. We must make our message a positive message of human rights and support for freedom of the individual, religious freedom, equal rights for women, and tolerance for all those ideologies that are not supportive of our destruction (i.e., political Islam).
Our countrymen are ignorant about Islam and the dangers that it represents; we must teach them.
Our countrymen know nothing of the doctrine of Islam; we must explain it to them.
Our countrymen are not aware of the history of Islam and its 1400-year jihad against kafirs everywhere; we must show them.
Our countrymen do not know that Islam is much more than a religion; it is our duty to lay it all out and tell them about it.
We have a duty to our country and countrymen to tell them the truth about Islam.
We must help our legislators to understand the threat so that they can create new laws, and enforce those already on the books that condemn and ban totalitarianism in our society.
We are scholars and students of Islam, jihad, Islamic history, and present day events of jihad. We have knowledge and understanding that our countrymen do not – it is our duty and mission to share our knowledge so that our leaders and voters can make the right decisions in defense of our lands and people against a resurgent Islamic universal jihad.
We must build understanding and the political will to oppose the greatest propaganda machine in history and their lies and distortions about Islam.
We must support the innocent victims of jihad.
We must hold our societies morally and ethically accountable for their silence in the face of the appalling suffering caused by adherents of the political ideology of Islam who commit crimes against humanity within and without our borders almost every day based entirely on the commands of Allah and Mohammed as found in the doctrine of Islam.
We must be scholar/warriors; a new kind of soldier in the endless war against totalitarianism and brutality and hate.
Our hearts are with our friends in Europe and across the world as we fight to open the eyes of a sleeping sheep population as the wolf of Islam wrecks havoc among them.
Islam is so strong because we are so weak. We are so weak because we are ignorant. Those who are not ignorant will teach those who are. Ignorance will dissipate and Islam will retreat.

The ugly riot in Harrow today occurred because SIOE had planned a demonstration. The rioting was not done by SIOE participants or organizers. Organizers of SIOE promised a non-violent event, but other forces including supporters of Islam created the violence. SIOA is entirely non-violent as is SIOE. Our message of freedom, democracy and opposition to tyranny and totalitarianism is not one that the multiculturalists or the forces of Islamic supremacism want to hear.
A large public “prayer event” of Muslim “solidarity” is planned for the Capitol on September 25th. The organizers of this event are hoping for 50,000 Muslims to pray at the Capitol from 4am to 7pm. We will be there, too.
On September 25th, in Washington, DC, SIOA will participate in an event to show our support of human rights and freedom for all. We will be there along with other like-minded organizations and leaders. We will be there to show the American people that there is an alternative view to the lie of Islam as the so-called “religion of peace”. On this anniversary of 9/11 we must remember why 9/11 happened and honor our innocent dead by telling the truth about Islam.
We will be there in support of human rights. We will support our Constitution and explain to those who will listen that the doctrine of Islam is fundamentally opposed to our form of government and to democracy, and human rights and to say that we are guaranteed freedom of religion in the United States by our Constitution. Freedom of Religion means freedom to choose one’s own beliefs; one can join a religion or leave it. Islamic doctrine clearly states that those who leave Islam are to be killed.
We believe in freedom and oppose those who do not. We will educate the American people so that the myths and lies are broken and the truth of this ideology of misogyny, hate, conquest, and brutality is known to all.
Please help us with this event. We are all in this together and we are all fighting for the same cause – human rights and democratic freedoms. More information will be forthcoming in the next few days regarding time and specific place and speakers. We hope that hundreds of supporters of our cause of freedom and human rights will attend this event. If you cannot attend and if you agree with our message, please donate to help us defray costs.
Please donate to our cause. (Click “donate” in upper right of the main page of this site.)
The sheep now do not know the wolf, but they will.

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