Monday, September 14, 2009

UNESCO, Farouk Hosni No Thanks

In order to cement the refusal to have the Egyptian Minister of Cultural to lead one of United Nations' organization, a few points do need to be emphasized; the definition of UNESCO, who is Mr. Hosni, and Arabs’ plan in the international community.
1) UNESCO is an agency of United Nations. Its abbreviation stands for "United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization." This organization was established on November 16, 1945 to contribute towards peace and security. The same agency to promote international collaboration through education, science and culture, in order to further respect for justice, the rule of law and human rights and fundamental freedoms.
2) Farouk Hosni is actually the Egyptian cultural Minister. He was born in Alexandria in 1938. Hosni had completed his college study in the Egyptian School of Art in Alexandria .
3) Arab Plan: Arab-speaking countries along with countries of a Muslim majority to seek control of the vital international communities.
As reported above, the UNESCO is the important main part of the United Nations, and who heads this organization has to have integrity in all relationships with any education and culture. One important issue that needs to be cleared is that I personally do not have any personal problems with Mr. Hosni. I personally dealt with him during my first years of studying at the University of Rome in Italy . Meanwhile, I am sure that some Egyptian may be accusing me of damaging the Egyptian image outside of Egypt . I prefer to answer them by stating that UNESCO is more important than image that is truly damaged by its current ruler and regime.
Mr. Hosni has been the Egyptian cultural Minister for about 23 years and in all of those years the artist "Minster" (as he is called in Egypt ) did nothing to elevate the level of culture in Egypt but had creates damages that had increased to such a vast scale. However, if he did become the new head of UNESCO the following examples can happen:
- An Artist is supposed to be a sensitive person. So how can an artist sit as a Minister of Culture and Art for over 23 years? What were his achievements to improve culture in Egypt ? What is interesting is that Mr. Hosni follows the typical Arabic behavior. Mr. Hosni has proved to look nice on the outside but he stinks on the inside. During his reign as a Cultural Minister he did nothing to promote Egyptian Culture and Art. There weren't any development in any branch of the arts. However, on the other hand the proof was that the Mubarak administration did their best in using him to fight anything artistic work. At one time there was a theater called “Al Hanagir” that was for a long time the example of a certain level of high cultural society which was closed by Minister Hosni as an Order from Egyptian Security.
The current regime in Egypt never does accept any level of culture or artistic initiative. Young people today cannot congregate to improve themselves artistically as they can in other countries such as the US and or European counties.
- Minister Hosni never assisted the fledgling Egyptian film industry. But he was able to smuggle over 4,000 old Egyptian movies footage to private individuals and/or various businesses outside of the country. Billions of US Dollars has been the estimated damage done to the Egyptian economy. There also has been no attention made to the restoration of the footage of the great movies made in Egypt 's history by well known Egyptian artists.
During the last year, Minister Hosni indicated at various times that the intention of his ministry was to create a Cinematic that was up-to-date/modernizing the film industry and conserving its history, but in reality nothing had occurred. A project like this is important and vital to conserve important era of Egyptian film history. Furthermore, Mr. Hosni and his Ministry should be held responsible to the spoils of the Cairo Cinema festival by appointing unqualified people to run it.
- The quantity of ancient monuments smuggled out of Egypt in Hosni’s era is greater than what occurred in the Egyptian modern history including King Farouk era which was considered to be the most ever smuggled out at any time in history. Unfortunately, Minister Hosni had allowed power to Mr. Howas (current head of Egyptian Antiquity Department) who takes credit for any or all discoveries made prior and current and treats Egypt 's proud ancient monuments as his personal property.
- Not to long ago, about 50 young people were killed in a theater fire in a city called "Bani Sweef." The news of this was eventually leaked out as the government had tried to keep it hushed up. The minister of culture had not the capacity to look into whether this was a planned fire or an accident. No investigation by the Ministry was done, which makes this Ministry not care about human life.
- Minister Hosni who is Egyptian has proven to be extremely lackadaisical about all Coptic monuments and ancient Churches.
- Not too long ago, Minister Hosni had criticized the “hijab” he then apologized and retracted his words in that matter; once he was being the opposition. Same thing had occurred when he declared that he would burn any Hebrew book found in any Egyptian library. Later he apologized, to the miniscule Jewish community, and to gain their support in his UNESCO’s election had tried to restore a synagogue in Cairo . The dilemma is how can a culture minister one day mention burning books; when he is suppose to be the one that pushes for more culture and knowledge?
In my opinion, a man such as Minister Hosni's personality is not the candidate to become the head of an important organization as UNESCO, which makes me ask why does he want such a position?
It is obvious that the Arab Muslims countries are trying hard to take over the key point in this organization. Various United Nations organizations have become lead directly or indirectly by Arabs or by people appeasing them. If Minister Hosni reaches his own (and the Arabs' goal) to be the head of one of the important organizations of the world this can only result in saying good-bye to our true culture and to our scientific future.

Dottore Architetto Ashraf Ramelah

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