Saturday, August 7, 2010

Copts abroad go after Elena Kagan
Aug 5th, 2010 | By Desmond Shephard | Category: Coptic Christianity, Featured, United States
WASHINGTON: Controversy over American President Barack Obama’s Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan is coming from the most unlikeliest of locations: Egyptian Coptic Christians abroad. They have launched a campaign against Kagan, arguing she supports Islamic law, or Sharia.

In a statement sent to supporters, the National American Coptic Assembly led by outspoken conservative Morris Sadek, called on its followers to send letters to Congress in order to block Kagan’s appointment.

It said that her “actions relative to sharia law” should not be given support and urged its constituents to “contact US Senators today and urge them to vote against her confirmation.”

Kagan, a 50-year-old New York native, has served as Obama’s top Supreme Court lawyer since last year. Stevens retired in June after more than 34 years on the court.

In the email action call, the Coptic Assembly cited an article written in Big Peace that alleges Kagan has an inkling toward conservative Islamic law.

“The reality is far more threatening and unprecedented in American history. A vote to confirm Elena Kagan’s nomination will bring a liberal, pro-Shariah justice to our highest Court,” reads part of the article. “And if she is confirmed, her behavior as Obama’s Solicitor General indicates she will refuse to recuse herself on any Shariah-related decision but instead will lead the charge to legitimate Shariah law in America.”

Sadek and his fellow assembly leaders are claiming that a vote for Kagan is a vote for Islamic conservatism, a tactic that may win over a handful of American Coptic Christians, but the likelihood of a widespread movement against Kagan is unlikely, says Munir Fahim, a Detroit-based Coptic scholar.

He said that “in order for Christians to see these lies as truth they have to already believe in the ignorant lies being perpetuated about Islam by the Tea Party movement and other right-wing fanatics in this country.

“It just does not seem likely that enough people fall into this category,” he added.

The email letter gives a list of Senators and how one can contact them in order to deliver the message that a vote for Kagan is a vote for Sharia.

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