Monday, August 2, 2010

From Egypt to Pakistan: Persecution Highway

We are here today to remember the one hundred and thirty Pakistani Christians who were killed one year ago, but we are also not to forget the daily murders which take place in various other Muslim majority countries.

The 1,400 year history of Islam demonstrating aggression against the non-Muslim clearly identifies them as oppressors yet the majority of the Westerners refuse to identify this pattern and remain undecided about what Islam really is.

Today we are gathered here to remember the brutal massacre of one hundred thirty Christians in Pakistan who were killed by Muslims just because they were Christian.

How many Westerners can recall this massacre? How many Westerners have taken the time to seriously consider this horrific atrocity? Finally, how many Westerners think for even one second that the persecution of Christians in Pakistan and other countries may happen in their own country? I could easily say none.

Most of us living in the West feel certain that we are safe and that no one can touch us. No forces will be able to change our way of living or take our freedom from us.

Due to political correctness the majority of Westerners see this situation similar to Western countries occupying Middle Eastern countries for economic goals having nothing to do with religious reasons.

The reality of what is happening between Islamic and Western cultures is deeper and more complex, and the West is unable to understand it due to differences in language, culture, behavior, and goals.

Arabic is the language of Islam. The Koran, Hadith, and Sira were all written in Arabic. In fact until a short time ago the Koran was forbidden by Muslim clerics to be translated into other languages. All converts to Islam must memorize the Koran in its original language no matter what their native language or in which country the convert resides. Never mind the fact that the convert has no comprehension of the memorized text, no one cares.

Furthermore, learning a language in college is very different than learning a language while residing in the country of its origin, and moreover, learning the same language at a very young age offers much more facility than learning as an adult. These two factors make it nearly impossible for the Westerner to comprehend the exact meaning of the Arabic language written or spoken.

The Arabic language is different than any Western language because it is a language of interpretation, meaning that any sentence may be comprehended in at least two different ways. It can only be understood by those of the native country who depend upon its usage in daily life - a great disadvantage to all others outside the culture.

Moreover, the Arab language, dictated by the Koran as the main reference for the language, is opposite in every way from Western culture. Islamic supremacy forbids creativity and invention, and rules and regulations concerning submission to Islam do not allow freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

Arab behavior certainly was affected by Islamic supremacy and its hidden agenda of conquering the entire world. This goal was realized in the first years of its expanding out of the Arab peninsula, where Arabs succeeded in conquering North Africa, West and Central Asia, South Europe and part of Eastern Europe.

The hidden goal is clear to many non-Muslims who lived at one time in countries occupied by Muslims and now live in the West as well as non-Muslims currently living in Muslim countries because of their knowledge of the Arabic language along with behaviors and cultural elements which are missing from Western understanding.

For example, Muslims demanding to build a mosque at Ground zero could be understood by Americans to be a normal and genuine request based upon the first amendment right, and any American would undoubtedly agree. However we need to look deeper into Arab-Muslim history and culture to understand the true reason for building a mosque at Ground Zero. The following are examples showing how Muslims symbolized their victories over the infidel in building mosques in the past:

- In Israel, Arabs built Al Aqsa Mosque after their conquest and occupation of Palestine.
- In Constantinople, the capital of the Byzantine Empire, Muslims transform its great Santa Sophia Church into a mosque, also as a sign of victory.
- Finally, in Spain, the mosque called Cordoba (the same name of Ground Zero) was a cathedral before the Muslim conquest of Spain and, therefore, a sign of victory.

In Egypt, thousands of churches, monasteries and monk's cells were destroyed by the Arab occupants of the country, and various churches and synagogues became mosques. To this day, there are mosques in Egypt where there still remains over the main entrance doors the sign of the cross or the Star of David.

The persecution of non-Muslims under Islamic supremacist governments following the Islamic doctrinal precepts is not considered persecution but Jihad.

In Egypt, as well as in the majority of Arab-speaking countries, the killing of non-Muslims is legally prosecuted officially, but the court accepts any simple excuse to issue a non-guilty verdict. In fact I will cite a couple of incidents which occurred in Egypt lately for which until this moment there has been no court deliberation:
- Attack of Arab-Bedouins against Abu-Fana Monastery.
- Killing of Copts leaving church on Christmas Eve.
- Kidnapping women and girls in a plan of forcing to Islam.

Meanwhile, Muslims wanting to convert to another faith cannot do so without the risk of being killed or forced to live in hiding without the possibility of work or sending his/her children to school.

The Egyptian regime is a perfect example of how Arab-Muslims operate with the West. Egypt agrees with Western ideals when facing the West but lacks respect for any of their signed treaties regarding freedom of religion and freedom of speech. In fact, Voice of the Copts submitted an application early this year to the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Freedom on Religion and Belief on behalf of a Muslim man and his wife who converted to Christianity years back, but the regime of Egypt does not recognize such change.

Furthermore, until this moment I believe that no answer has been given to the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Freedom on Religion and Belief by the Egyptian government.

I would like to conclude by leaving the audience with a couple of simple questions:

- Why does the United Nations, as well as civil countries in the West, agree to keep a country like Egypt as part of the international system when it does not respect any treaty?
- When will the Western populations start to examine the serious issues concerning Islam's history in raping women and girls?

Arab-Muslims have their hidden agendas, and a lot of Americans still believe that our system will be here to defend us. The bad news is that our democratic system will not defend our freedom for one simple reason. Our system will be changed by the new conquerors.

The good news is that we still have a little time left to take the necessary steps to grant to our children and grandchildren the freedom of speech and freedom of religion, but only if we act now.

from Voice of the Copts

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