Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The abduction of a Christian girl kidnapped in Egypt Islam her mother's condition to Returned

Written by My christian blood blog

News and reports from our correspondents : My daughter was forced Islamization of the name was changed in the card from Selma to Justina.

In one instance, the college gave this young man a bottle of mineral water to drink and told her, "Drink the water de-sterile" and after drinking this water has changed her mind completely.

There is a prosecutor and a relative of the man who kidnapped my daughter. • ask you to connect the complaint to the whole world .. Because I have no one my daughter is the only Cindy. Books: George Bushra - particularly Christians Uniting A dangerous precedent in a kidnapping of Coptic girls in Egypt by Muslim youths, a young Muslim man named Mahmoud Hassan Deeb Mohammad Omar, a student of the Faculty of Commerce, University of Sohag, and resident children in the village of Ghazi of the city of Sohag, Gerga, "south of the Egyptian capital of Cairo," Coptic girl kidnapped colleague in college called "Justina Safwat Ghattas," resident city of Nag Hammadi, The Boslmtha, but it is a condition to her mother to enter Islam in order to return her daughter, said the girl's mother called "sincerity Abdel-Nour," said her daughter had been kidnapped

on May 17, 2007 at the hands of the young man mentioned and Mokhttefha "he said, had been in college in front of colleagues that his brothers living and commercial projects companies in Abu Dhabi, and came to my daughter learned this, she told me that there is a colleague at the college, his brothers and sisters of their projects in Abu Dhabi, and pointed to ask the colleague help my son holds a diploma in obtaining a visa to Abu Dhabi, thus, my daughter and then offered her colleague on the subject, agreed to help my son.

He told his brothers in this matter and agreed to send a VISA, and we then collect money visa and collected about 7 thousand pounds and take a Muslim man, and then began Eetmatal and sidestepping the issue and confirmed that the girl's mother at one point it at the college gave this young bottle of mineral water to drink and told her: "Drink water de-sterile", and after drinking this water has changed her mind completely, and returned home, after she returned directly contacted by this young man and told her: "revision of the article Sports Center Horus Sohag", asked me to go to attend the audit in order to succeed, So I went and since then did not return until this moment, the girl's mother explained that it had informed the state security and police went to the father of the young man in the village said to her, "I do not know his place" with that he knows everything about him is helping him.

Also confirmed the girl's mother for "Copts United" after it informed the State Security for the young, the young man immediately contacted, and threatened her and told her: "Inti Btaheddine Tbghei and state security certificate was they who Msaeidini," and stipulated that the young girl's mother to enter the hijacked Islam, until her daughter returns, she said that the Islamization of the young daughter by force, and changed its name in the card from Selma to Justina, and the girl's mother suggested that there is a prosecutor and a relative of a kidnapped girl, in the same context, the girl's mother that her daughter was on good terms with God and was serving in the Church, and everyone attests to her good, and called Connect Srechtha Astagattha and to the world after it has been to ignore the messages, complaints and SOS sent by the state security police and the Presidency, Mrs. Suzanne Mubarak and Gamal Mubarak, because the girl is with her only daughter of her brother, which was support in the life.

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