Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mobile rape message

Written by Christians Under Attack blog

Congratulations, we have earned a laptop .. Congratulations You've won a number of the latest Mobile .. Congratulations, you win a plasma screen.

These samples of the texts of messages of up to some Christian girls in the schools, and Assiut Upper Egypt Mobaillathn which explains the sender of the sender of the way to receive the award, which has shed the saliva of her phone and some of them already go to receive the award at the place or apartment or company mentioned in the letter and then start bargaining and tricks Altraeib until you reach more dangerous phase of a rape and photographed in situations and Alnhaip against us as it is known from previous events abduction and rape of Christian girls ..

This is part of the horror in control of the parents of students who hold a mobile phone and is the cause of Ziaahn and of course a question may arise about how to know Orkamhn but the answer is simple as the exchange of numbers between colleagues has become common among them without putting into account the extent to which the second party to this figure. . Dominates county school state of anxiety, fear and horror of what they're planning for Christian girls amid the lack of parental awareness and educate their sons and daughters and the absence of central control and a strong security to arrest the perpetrators of these plots?!!

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