Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Terror on the children of the village dominated Baqusip,Upper Egypt

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Child's of village "boka" of the Center for Qusiya Assiut exposed to the vilest kinds of persecution and beatings in the streets of the city from fellow Muslims and the same school called school "boka" elementary ancient Eastern and during discharge from the Examination

Committee, forcing the coptic 's parents of the children to go with them for the exam and asked the village system of forgiven conduct and reporting of security because of the harassment of children and when the Archbishop Archbishop Abdel-
Malak, priest of the Church of Archangel Michael in the village complained to the security authorities and, in turn, the prevention of such exposures, and our meeting with one of the parents and the named / Adel Ibrahim Faraj, from the village, told us that his daughter I asked him to go with her to school and awaited post-exam, because their colleagues in the same school and are Isagtonhm them to the ground and went with his daughter and asked the rest of the parents to go with him, and refused to go with him and justified by fear and cowardice of these children and their families, adding that many of them their parents abroad There is no go with them for the exams!!.

Is still fear in these children and their parents, forcing them to accompany them to the examination committee back and forth so that they can protect them from such acts which they are exposed.
He asked the Crown is one of the students, saying: "If children aged twelve years, such acts are what will they do when they grow up?".

We met with the son of the village and named Honorary happy, and assured us that there is harassment happens also for the village girls as they left the preparatory phase of the Examination Committee.
He wondered about the reason for this harassment, and said, Is is the blueprint has been prepared and management has to include students and preparatory phases Alaptdaip or does it receive the teachings of those in school and at home?.

And when our meeting Baalghems Archbishop Abdel-Malak, priest of the Church Bbouk owners, told us that some of the children of the church while they were throwing bricks belonging to these schools when they were Iqzvouna to students as they left the Examination Committee, and had made a complaint and security in turn call the parents of these children is under investigation with them.
There are reports that there is an attack has occurred on the observers of examination boards in the village of Total oak adjacent to the village trumpet, the additional security forces from the police station Qusiya to go to the village to maintain order

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