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International Trusteeship for Egypt

Nag Hammadi martyr
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Free captured copts

14 February 2010 Morris Sadek
The Muslim Egyptian Government has practiced discriminatory policies against Copts since 1952, which led us to the massacres of Nag Hammadi earlier this year. Accordingly, the American Coptic Assembly in USA continues its diplomatic contacts with one of the states supporting the Coptic cause.

There is a case of disapproval and condemnation from the international community against the Egyptian government after the Nag Hammadi sectarian massacre. Countries like France, Italy, Canada and Great Britain condemned the incident, in addition to many other local and international organizations. Furthermore, the European parliament commented on the massacre of Nag Hammadi and demanded the protection of Copts.

The assembly endorses the Egyptian Liberal Party invitations for an international investigation into the massacre of Nag Hammadi. Also, The Assembly has demanded from the international community and the international trusteeship committee a system developed by the Charter of the United Nations to manage the troubled regions by the decision of the Security Council – to intervene to prevent what can be called a potential “Genocide” of the Copts in Egypt. In this case, the supreme powers will intervene and the United Nations’ mission in Egypt would be the management of the Egyptian military, Egypt’s diplomatic affairs and Homeland Security. NATO also could interfere to stop this genocide and hand over power to a transitional government.

Finally, the National American Coptic Assembly pays a special thanks to the United States Congress, The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and all Copts worldwide for supporting the Coptic cause and protesting the prosecution of Copts in Egypt.

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