Thursday, February 4, 2010

help me expose Islam in Canada. - & Articles of January2010

: "The ChristianStandard"
Hi Morris. Nice to meet you. I looked at your web site which profiles your commitment to your work and more importantly your concerns for the lack of Human Rights in Islamic societies like Egypt and for those who are punished in Islamic societies for being Christian. I thank God there are those like you who fight spiritual battles to help all men live free. But sir the problem of Islam is not going to go away unless we explore the ROOT cause! What is the root cause? The teachings of Islam, this is the ROOT cause. Until men are willing to say that it is the root cause, and more importantly, till it can be seen as an act of religious convictions by Christians and not one of hatred towards all Muslims, to expose the truth about this evil cult, then we will never solve the worlds problems with Islamic terror. For it is the teachings, as I am sure you know, the teachings of Islam that is the ROOT cause of Islamic terrorism and persecution against Christians and in fact, all Non Muslims in the world today.
I am putting together with the help of some friends a conference in Kingston Ontario Canada on Islamic persecution of Christians and lack of Human Rights against Christians in Islamic societies. I know you have friends in Canada my Brother and I could use all the help we can get from Christian Copts who know to well of what we speak. I could use your help to get them there. I have two speakers lined up. Usama Dakdok and Pastor Joseph from ABN TV. Pastor Joseph has a show called News and Views perhaps you have heard of him or his show?
Please, if you will, do what ever you can to help me expose Islam here in Canada. It has been a big job since 1989 when I first was commissioned by God to learn study and evangelize to the Muslims here in Canada. Today I am old and run down, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel as more and more people start to see the lies that we have all been fed over the last 60 years or more, that Islam is a religion of peace. NOW we MUST push forward. Now is the moment for us to give all that we can. Now, for tomorrow it may be to late.
I hope we can hold hands in prayer together brother Morris and I hope you will help me expose Islam in Canada.
God bless you.
Your Brother in Christ
Mark Harding

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